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I was ensnared by bidding theory as a young player and still haven't escaped its clutches. Author of "The Balanced Hand Principle", "The Unnecessary Information Test" and other articles in Australian, British and US magazines; book reviewer for The Bridge World; member of the IBPA (International Bridge Press Association) jury that selects the bridge book of the year.


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How old fashioned are your doubles?
Justin asked "Question for the people who think auction 1 is takeout, can you give me an example of a hand that passed 1S and is now bidding a takeout X of 2S and can't bid 2N?" Well, in KS Updated (in which lots of doubles were still for ...
Neapolitan cue-bidding in a Turbo-like context: an instructive deal
Hi Ian I’m using Kickbo in partnership with Brad Coles, with a few tweaks (some from your erstwhile WA colleagues). A few points relevant to your deal: * We always cue controls we have, except that one below game (so 4M-1 and 5m-1) is Last Train. So, with your problem ...
Easier than Ten
Hi Kit What do you use non-step relays for after an initial positive response (e.g. in the auction above, what would 2 and higher bids have shown)? I've tried lots of alternatives over the past 40 years but have yet to find one (or more) that is ...
BBO Dealer scripts
Re Richard and Paul on identifiers: I've obviously made some other syntactic error when I've tried using scripts with identifiers. Thanks for alerting me to this. Will make future writing of scripts easier!
BBO Dealer scripts
(I'm not a programmer so my terminology may be inaccurate . . . ) Don't try including anything other than the expression that specifies your chosen constraints. Instructions such as "condition", "action", "print" etc are not recognised by BBO. Nor are identifiers such as "Burn". Nor are comments, which in Dealer are ...
Book recommendation please (or other material)
Agree. It's an excellent introduction to the game. Ignore the "young adults" designation: it's an engrossing, well-written book for all who are young at heart.
Social Distancing? Here's a Digital Care Package
Good idea and many thanks to you and your partners for putting it together.
Find a layout where you can make
Try this link. And click on each of the links that say booklet. http://www.worldbridge ...
Bridge in fiction
Andy has it right: in Australia "confronting" has a meaning similar to the wording Richard suggested. I could have said what happens in the book so people could make up their own mind whether this would upset them, but that would give away a key plot element. However, I felt ...
Strong clubs and unnecessary information, Part One: Improving Meck-Lite
We played a Meckwell-type structure: 1 = 5+S or 11+BAL 1 = 5+H 1NT = 5+D 2 = 5+C 2 = 8-10 BAL 2M/2N = GF three-suiters 3+ = transfers to 5-7HCP semi-solid 7-card suit or GF solid 7-card suit After 1-1-1 1N ...
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