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April 24, 2014
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How to continue?
I am going to play East for one spade honor mixed in with his clubs to explain his double. But I'm not sure that helps me much. I'd have stayed in dummy and led the spade at trick 2 hoping to lose to West because East still may ...
Carding Dilemma
Just to be clear, I said very, very slow for a reason. I too don't mind a reasoned pause by the defender at trick one, but that is not what I was describing.
Carding Dilemma
You are ignoring your own stated priorities. Where the first priority is attitude. The second is length and suit preference only comes third. No one could fault you for treating the 10 as encouragement to continue - you make the decision, after the hesitation, to treat it as suit preference. Partner ...
Carding Dilemma
His highest card was a ten, he had no high card points
Carding Dilemma
Your carding is standard, high asks for a continuation and it doesn't come much higher than a ten in this case.
Carding Dilemma
It is hard to see how a second spade is taking advantage of UI when your number one priority is supposed to be attitude. In this case you are the one deciding to follow your number 3 priority after a healthy hesitation from your partner suggests that his signal is ...
Carding Dilemma
Re points 2 & 3, partner is 5206, 10 high. You might want to talk about bidding in general and not just Lightner doubles. What I'm driving at is your first point and whether it now makes you uncomfortable about the whole hand?
Carding Dilemma
I wish I could like this 100 times, but on asking around informally - the majority of people disagree. And I fear that is going to be the case with this poll.
Carding Dilemma
i understand that reasoning, and perhaps I should have had a second question. If you do lead a diamond - what do you do when partner ruffs it?
Is this a way to run an organization?
Bemoaning the fact that many players don't want to play up is futile. We have allowed a situation to develop in which this is normality. I think the reasons for this are many and complex, but one of them is certainly the culture that has developed around MasterPoints. As ...

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