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April 24, 2014
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Common Leb mishap
I would like the TD to have at least asked E what he believed his partner's 3 bid to mean and explain why he thought it justified him bidding 3 NT on a minimum invitation with 4 card club support. I have a lot of problems with East ...
No, but, you should start to ask more questions when people give generalities like "weak". Too many bridge players dole out information about their system in a very grudging manner. Don't join them, but don't accommodate their parsimoniousness either.
What would you choose?
Transfers over everything, Stayman, lebensohl. Adventures in Card Play Skid Simon
TD please
I confess that I hadn't originally noticed that 3 was alerted and East believed it was a cue bid agreeing hearts. In this case I don't see the logic of winding it back to 4. If 3 was a slam try agreeing hearts, then 4 ...
Lame Claims
The first is straightforward we know declarer is going to cash AK and can't avoid dropping the QJ - so I smile and give him 3 tricks. In the second case if declarer was a beginner, and not being intentionally rude, I would explain the situation and concede 4 tricks ...
Ruling please
One additional thought and then i'll drop it. What do you do when you pose this question and the defender replies that they don't have AQ. But the way they reply gives you a strong feeling or "read" that they have the ace. Is it ethically reasonable to ...
Ruling please
Tell me what you do when you very innocently say this to someone and they equally innocently , mistaking your question and trying to be polite to a very good player, answer honestly "No I just have the ace" ? Also you say that the declarer understands that all there is to ...
Ruling please
I think that any question that declarer asks of a defender reeks of gamesmanship (unless the two are old friends who don't mind engaging in this sort of schtick) Poker players engage in this (legally) all the time. Asking a question to get a read on an opponents holding ...
Ruling please
People who make claims like this are also the sort of people who cause some to quit playing duplicate. The purpose of a claim is to save time. Claims like this actually waste time. I think that calling the TD here is just horrible, but it might lead to this ...
The price of headaches is, he said...
Player A has a mental condition that allows him to take a medication that boosts his concentration to level X. Without the medication he finds it hard to function. Player B has not been diagnosed with a mental condition, but his concentration level is only X-Y. Should we ban player ...

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