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Break from the US Open Trials: Report on a Junior's first tournament hand!
Did the diamonds split 3-2?
Break from the US Open Trials: Report on a Junior's first tournament hand!
Great article and good luck to Daniel in future tournaments. Out of curiosity is this a bit of a trap hand at pairs, do you have to ensure that the diamonds split 3-2 before risking the club finesse?
David Patterson's bidding problem: Q8 KJ7 AKT6 KT82
deleted @ Tom P - On reflection I completely agree with your above post.
David Patterson's bidding problem: Q8 KJ7 AKT6 KT82
We have no implied agreement that this is Gerber. It is unchecked on our convention card and all our conversations on the subject have included me saying that you couldn't get me to play Gerber at gunpoint and ended with agreement not to play it. Despite this and despite ...
Five Card Major Required to Respond 1 of the Major to a 1 Club/1 Diamond opener
I've seen this happen with lots of beginners, they know that they need 5 cards to open a Major and 5 cards to overcall a major - and they continually forget that it only requires 4 cards to respond in a major. I have even seen beginners overcall 1 ...
David Patterson's bidding problem: Q8 KJ7 AKT6 KT82
I did treat it as a splinter - though this particular partner has seldom if ever splintered, it struck me as the only logical interpretation of this bid in those circumstances. Having read comments I wish I had bid 4 as that leaves a lot of room for partner to ...
David Patterson's bidding problem: Q8 KJ7 AKT6 KT82
Our convention card has Gerber unchecked, in the section for slam conventions. I felt that treating it as Gerber, because of previous knowledge of this partner's inclinations would be unethical. And also completely misleading to an opponent who chose to look at our convention card rather than ask a ...
Oh yeah! It started and growing!
FWIW google images for "Magic The Gathering tournament" You'll see lots of faces frowning , deep in concentration. The difference between it and bridge, isn't in the facial expressions of the competitors, but in their age and numbers. Certainly no evidence that competitors' serious expressions are in any way ...
Explaining partner's bid
So N/S were perfectly willing to further describe their bids, but East wasn't willing to let go until they said their original range statement was a mis-description? Wow! I absolutely detest people who give minimal information in response to questions about their bidding, but this really does not ...
Explaining partner's bid
I'm pretty certain that North's explanation meant that they bid all 8 plusses (that fit into their shape requirements) exactly the same way, whether responder had passed or not and no matter how many points over 8 they had. I'd have been more interested in what shapes ...

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