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April 24, 2014
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Michael R: I won't edit to emphasize my own stupidity at making comments after midnight. Thanks for the correction. I suppose ♠Kx ♥Axx, ♦AKQJxx ♣Ax is till a possibility. I think partner might still pre empt with xxx Qxxx KJxxxx but the definitely looks more attractive.
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I like the just on the general principle of attacking dummy's only possible entry if the spades are blocked. But I'm prepared to look extremely foolish when partner was dealt Q9x and a void in . And am I really willing to rule out declarer bidding 3NT ...
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I voted no. This doesn’t mean that I think this site would do a worse job than the current HoF organizers. I think this site could consider starting a HoF for Bridge hands of significance, a lot more fun and a lot less political.
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That does put things in a very different light, but I’m still not sure I’d be happy if an opponent tried it against me. Hard to know if some sort of ‘tell’ induced by the unusual claim influenced the later play of the hand. If i was worried ...
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To me the most likely explanation of South’s original pass would be that he had one of his aces stuck behind another card. So I wouldn’t be assuming he couldn’t have the Q. Having said that, my reaction would depend a lot on my relationship with the ...
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If Edgar wasn’t proud of the moment he could have conceded one off, rather than continuing with the hand after the claim. That would strike me as the most reasonable way to deal with a situation like this.
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I didn't find it offensive at all, but while reading it I did wonder how it might impact a reader who was currently in a really bad situation because of Covid19. My thanks to Doug for giving some insight into that. I'm pretty certain that had a similar ...
How does the double squeeze gain over spade finesse ruff a spade? It seems to cater to a void in hearts in E and lose when E has underlead K. I’m honestly not sure which I find more likely. We are told that East is the player on tilt ...
West probably doubled on his trump stack! Interestingly if I had played the Club ace at trick one, I could now make sense of this by deciding that East had overcalled on two Aces and a 6 card suit and West had everything else for his double. Then ruffing a ...
What's your play at trick 2?

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