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David Sherman
David Sherman
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Sept. 10, 2015
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Feb. 17
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United Kingdom

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Columbus - Baldwin North American Pairs
David Always happy to play golf, as long as it’s not raining. And there’s a couple of decent poker rooms in the vicinity too, so that’s another viable option......
Columbus - Baldwin North American Pairs
Thx Barry, it certainly does appear that we won’t be able to play.......
Columbus - Baldwin North American Pairs
Sorry, ignore my post, I’ve just found the answers on Wikipedia. Clearly we aren’t going to be able to play in this event, not having undertaken the requisite local qualification......
David Sherman's bidding problem: K Txxx Qxx AKTxx
Yes, I think this must be right. I was a bit nervous of bidding like this with her (Tracy), but I though she would appreciate that ALL hands with both majors would bid 3H, and this I must be either single suited, or perhaps have a black hand. I was ...
Greedy B*st*rd in the Poker World
As noted on TwoPlusTwo (the world’s primary poker chat forum) in the extensive debate there on this matter, the best example in world sports of an exponential outlier wasn’t Ruth at all, but the Australian cricketer Don Bradman. His career Test record as a batsman equated to a ...
Ruling fron Eastbourne
I’ve noticed that there are certain players/partnerships who seem to go out of their way to furnish full explanations of their methods to the opponents whether they’ve been asked or not, covering not just bids that have been made during the auction but also alternative actions that ...
Opening 7NT
Which reminds me of another one who forsook bridge for poker, Ramin Sai. He was pretty well-regarded as a poker player, but died relatively young.
Opening 7NT
Viv is still around, or at least he was a couple of years ago. I used to see him regularly at the Vic - he became a poker player, and a reasonably proficient one at that. He never seemed to age, I guess he was really quite old when I last ...
Opening 7NT
Liza Shaw
Opening 7NT
There was a Dorothy (Dodo?) I seem to recall, a lady named Theo who also used to play at the London School of Bridge, Harvey Laurance, Honor Flint.... Another occasional visitor that I used to kibitz, and also a fabulous player, was the South African Brian Mervis.

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