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David Stevenson
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June 5, 2015
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David Stevenson's lead problem: AQ53 J853 K A862
I led the A: declarer had Kx. A is safe. The A is safe. The K is safe! Declarer cannot get to dummy so dropped my K. Declarer has stiff K (the old theory of stiff Ks!) and partner has QT over dummy’s J. My partner was not ...
How would you rule?
It is obvious that E/W should not be gaining from their MI. Giving E/W the benefit of 4S-1 is just not bridge nor natural justice. So is South’s play an ESE (not a SEWoG - wrong law book)? I find it difficult to be sure. It is so ...
Max Bavin 1954-2019
A terrible shock. A great help to me in my tournament direction and administration.
MI (?) Ruling
Hmpf. The correct description was not what Matt says that David Burn says, but “No agreement”. If they are going to have a complete blind spot why should it be any different?
MI (?) Ruling
Since about 98+% play it as a Sputnik or Negative double in the first situation, and about 95+% in the second case, no, they never ask. Try a poll hare and see how people play these doubles.
MI (?) Ruling
N/S play 2D 2S 3S as 1=4=4=4 18+ and unbelievably think that changes when someone sticks in a takeout double. Unless they are complete beginners who would not be playing the Multi one thing is certain: the alleged MI had no effect on their bidding. It ...
MI (?) Ruling
That is horrible and one of the very few reasons I dislike playing in Scotland. Fortunately the advantages of playing there are sufficient. I hate gaining from opponents who do not ask 1S (2H) x and do not realise it shows clubs, or 1C (1D) x which shows hearts. There ...
MI (?) Ruling
The best reason for the presumption that a double of a 2S response which is pass or correct is not alertable if it is takeout is based on the following: That is what everyone assumes. That is what everyone played. That is everyone’s understanding. Ok, ok, it should be ...
Ethical Or Not?
Their approach to doubles is unhelpful to say the least. When I play at Peebles 1S (2H) X will show clubs and will not be alertable. But I think people expect natural bids to have one non-alertable meaning and this is very very often not the case. In nearly every ...
Ethical Or Not?
I understand the confusion. Yes, it still looks like my post but I can see how it could have been intended as your post. I was surprised at the SBU treatment. While it does not mention 1M 3M specifically it does say specifically that 1m 3m preemptive is not alertable ...
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