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Undo or No undo ?
Whether it is a laptop, a tablet, a desktop or real life, it would be a better game without Undos. As for the nanny is her confirm stuff or allowing undos in certain circumstances but not others, why not play an adult game? If you make a mistake, you make ...
Is this psyche legal?
So in 1957 I psyched 1 3rd in hand and my current partner knows it. So there are some people in this thread who think that my partner should alert every time I open 1 in 3rd and explain it could be a psyche. Sorry, that is unhelpful ...
Is this psyche legal?
If you play aa call to ask for five card majors and that is not what you tell opponents you are deliberately misleading them which is improper and unethical if you are an experienced player.
Is this psyche legal?
No, Mike, you misunderstand. If he does certain things these develop a pattern and an implicit and perfectly disclosable agreement. But one odd occasion does not count.
Is this psyche legal?
This is, David, your misunderstanding of the Laws. You are meant to disclose agreements, and one occasion, whether psyche, misbid or whatever is not part of your agreements. On the other hand if a bid asks for 5 card majors your agreement is that it asks for 5 card majors ...
Undo or No undo ?
I think there should be no Undos in any competitive bridge so that opponents do not have to worry about whether to accept.
Is this psyche legal?
I think Frances does understand but you don’t, David.
Is this psyche legal?
If it is GF and you do not explain it as GF that is MI. Giving MI is illegal. Giving MI deliberately is unethical.
Is this psyche legal?
If 3C is GF then you may bid it on a non GF hand but it is a psyche. If you bid it on a non GF hand often enough for your partner to be aware of the possibility it then becomes part of your system and is no longer ...
Is this psyche legal?
So, David, if sometime your partner does something strange, whether a psyche, misbid, deviation, whatever, you have to disclose it until the end of time? I don’t think you understand the concept of a partnership agreement.
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