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David Thompson
David Thompson
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March 20, 2011
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July 15
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Bridge Player
about me

Amateur player.  NPC of Australian Open Team for 2019. Occasional BBO commentator. Please note that any comments, views and opinions expressed in my posts here are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the various organisations with which I'm associated be that by way of employment, membership, office holder or volunteer.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Beating Ish Del'Monte and my older brother in the final of the National Youth Teams in 1993.
Bridge Accomplishments
Won the 1993 Far East Youth Teams
Regular Bridge Partners
Jamie Thompson
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Melbourne Cricket Club
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Thanks, Fred Gitelman
An incredible contribution to the game and quite possibly the key to the very survival of bridge.
The importance of understanding how ACBL players feel about bracketing
Alexander, I think my sampling methodology was sound. I lived in a rural area for about 12 years and assisted in running the once-a-week bridge club there comprised entirely of low-skilled players. I played in a lot of congresses during that time with my son (who was learning the game ...
The importance of understanding how ACBL players feel about bracketing
Maybe it's a cultural thing, but the massive swiss teams events in Australia are very popular and the anecdotal feedback that I've received from the punters at the bottom of the field is that it's a wonderful experience to get to play against an expert team or ...
Hesitation Blackwood II (Director's perspective)
My convention card says, "in key card auctions we routinely bid slowly to check, double-check and triple-check our steps". We do this because we play roll-on asking bids and counting the steps and what has or hasn't already been shown/denied takes a bit of cognition. Key card counting ...
The importance of understanding how ACBL players feel about bracketing
As casual observer from Australia, I find the apparent controversy over stratification of bridge events in ACBL-land somewhat bemusing. The vast majority of Australian events are played as swiss teams (with or without KO finals for the top few finishers) or swiss pairs so the punters will more-or-less find their ...
multiple choices at IMP Pairs
Other. I bid 3NT straight away. I see quite a bit of downside in revealing to the opponents partner's strength and what major he may or may not hold.
Revoke established or not?
It sounds like trick 11 has a lead out of turn by declarer and that east is still yet to contribute a card to trick 11 so I think that needs to be sorted out first.
Yet another freak hand
Wayne, you are playing in a field where more than half of the field stopped in game or below. In such a field, I'm content to take my 77% in 6.
Yet another freak hand
Looking at the full deal, it looks like partner will respond 1 and West will bid 2NT, so over that I'll bid 4 and over his 4, 4 or 4 I'll bid 5 exclusion. I think I'm destined to only get ...
How many Countries can you represent in your life?
Other. No limit, but at each change in allegiance you must acquire citizenship and hold a passport of your new country. Happy to dispense with waiting periods; noting that for most countries it takes at least two years to acquire citizenship after migrating there - in the case of Switzerland I ...

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