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David Watson
David Watson
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June 25, 2010
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Aug. 23, 2018
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Bridge Player

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winning first gold at Nationals
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Nothing special.
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Dick Bowers Duplicate Bridge Club, Jacksonville School of Bridge
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Lancaster PA Regional
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Ruby Life Master
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The 3 Diamond was constructive. Would expect two cover cards outside of Hearts or the Heart Ace and a side cover card. In either case I have a self-sustaining trump suit with one of my side losers covered. I just don't see six Spades as a gamble.
If my partner bids 6 Spades without the Ace of Clubs and Ace of Hearts, I would find that strange. Assessing what you need to get from partner's constructive response to make 6 Spades is pretty easy to see a make. If your in a long time partnership with ...
After 3 Diamonds constructive, I have no problem shooting 6 Spades and would expect partner to bid seven holding the Ace of Clubs and King of Diamonds.
Mini-Maxi Michaels
Somewhere I read that some experts prefer to only use Michael's when there is a legitimate chance to win the contract because this cue bid reveals too much about your hand should you not win the auction and have to defend.
Systems for 2H Bust after Strong 2C Openings
It was suggested by a local pro that 2 denies 2 controls, anything else is natural and promises a minimum of 2 controls. After denying 2 controls, you bid game with 1 control or 1 cover card (Queen of opener's trump suit or a ruffing value).
How would your auction go?
2C: 2N: 3D: 3H: 4H: 6H: AP. Responder must have 2 useful cards for 2N.
Gregory Nowak's bidding problem: AKJ2 8 KJ83 AK42
Having passed 3 NT, it seems to me that I have to be in 6 D or 6 NT because its match points.
ATB missed slam
This would be difficult slam to bid for many without the interference.
Lecture--"Balancing"--Tips Requested
Read Kit's book on Matchpoints
Which last train
J. Donn has a nice article here:

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