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David Wetzel
David Wetzel
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July 9, 2014
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about me

Long ago, in a galaxy far away, my wife and I used to play a lot, and made token appearances in the lower flights of a couple of GNTs and NAPs and such.  Also managed to lose in the finals of the 0-750 knockouts at three straight Spring Nationals, which is harder to do than it sounds.


Then kids happened. 


Now we don't play much.


United States of America

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Drop ins to the Blue Ribbons
Four? We could easily reduce it to one and have the desired effect! (I’d mark Christmas Day off as the divider between events.)
Drop ins to the Blue Ribbons
You might not have to “reserve” spots; it would be a matter of adjusting where the qualifying line fell from the Swiss. In practice that might mean the top 30 qualify plus a couple drop in teams. I don’t much care about seeding, do whatever you want there. In ...
2S is the worst bid in the auction, but when you open this light, you get what you deserve. I’d rather open 2H a card light (not that it’s good, but it at least has the merit of preemption, which is what you’re supposed to do when ...
ATB - Fail to compete
Again, we remember our “active” mistakes. We lament fate and blame the world for our “passive” ones.
Drop ins to the Blue Ribbons
Thought experiment: anyone who’s in favor of drop ins, would you be in favor of reserving a few KO spots to teams comprised of pairs that finish in the top X of the Nail LM Pairs? If not, why not?
Not a bidding poll
Are we not opening KQJxx x xx KQJxx in your universe?
Not a bidding poll
It would not. Reading the tea leaves a bit, I think your question hints toward “how light do you open third seat” as the question to be decided (which in turn, the opponents are entitled to know when they bid 4H; how are my reading skills?) ... but I wouldn’t ...
Lament of the Spade Three
ATB - Fail to compete
Like by letting them play 2S when you have a vulnerable game? (We tend to forget the “risk” involved that way, and punish ourselves and teammates for “active” errors rather than passive ones. It’s human nature. But the IMPs still count the same.)
Not Losing Money on NABCs
The problem with this is even if I were attracted to enter, I couldn’t possibly afford to accidentally win a couple days.

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