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Sept. 30, 2015
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Balancing in fourth seat.
Knowing partner has at least an opening hand yet can't find a bid screams pass with such a flat shape. Another point is that opener could be a point shy of a 2NT opener and currently in a poor MP scoring contract, giving oppos a second chance may see ...
What has partner got?
The only hand I can come up with for North where 4 is a super accept cue is: A,AKxx,KQx(x),AQxx(x) and now a 5m cue by South is gin. With A,AKJx,KQx(x),KQxx(x), wouldn't they just employ RKCB So this does ...
Why would West lead a heart from AQx when they should be expecting the K to be with South
Another claim problem
Although declarer has made a bit of a bum claim, he will only go down on careless play, is it right to ask declarer to state their line of play. You don't say what card East played after taking the A, but surely it's right to cash ...
Would you rebid 1NT?
Like others, need to consider the Vul, if opps are Red, then defending looks like a no brainer. Even if green then still prefer to pass if only to say I don't have primary heart support partner and my diamond suit is not rebiddable and I don't have ...
Best Auction to 7?
1,000% agree, when you suspect a slam is on all you have to do is think how the auction might develop to realise if you play 1/2 cues, 3 is pointless. Once you get interference, priority is to set trumps ASAP in case East decides to get ...
Interference over a weak only multi-2!D
our general rule is that X is penalty oriented, this works particularly well when opps overcall 2M, but this was the first time when opps have overcalled 3m and we haven't been able to make a constructive POC 3//4 and the only pragmatic bid is ...
2 Way Checkback Query
Simple sequences after 1-1-1NT using 2-way CB after 2, relay 2, 2M is natural showing one 4CM 2NT shows both M's (1-1-1NT-2NT is simple invite denying a M) 3 shows 4 and 5+ with a singleton M 3 shows ...
How would you interpret this bid?
Id go along with this idea that it is showing a good club suit as a source of tricks AKQxx(x)
What means 4NT here?
RR, NO, this hand doesn't want to defend 4S, hence no X. 4NT is a strong take out here
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