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Dean Pokorny
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about me

"If you run a forum, then you have to expect some of the members to express views that you don't share. Learn to live with it or stop pretending you have a forum."


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After The 1NT Rebid Is Doubled
When both opponents bid and leave 1NTx, their range combined will usually be 18-20. Since they have the advantage of the lead, you will be set in 1NTx, maybe even twice or more. If opponents can set 1NTx, that doesn't mean they can set a contract on the 2nd ...
After The 1NT Rebid Is Doubled
OK, let's analyze. Do you ever bid a 5-carder suit as opener here. If not, do you ever rebid 1NT with 6m(322) and rebid a 6-carder suit here?
Bridge in the Twilight Zone...your bid.
Ah, yes, I forgot you can edit the textual output. Well, if it is MP, then going for +800/+1100 seems clear-cut. It seems I should really change my vote now.
Bridge in the Twilight Zone...your bid.
[color=darkgreen]Here I might wish it were penalties![/color] Is partner allowed ever to pass 2 with spade-shortness after 2? If not, as I think he shouldn't be - he could double with a hand like 1264. With 1255 he could double sometimes, while with 0265 he ...
Bridge in the Twilight Zone...your bid.
How did you manage to implement the operation of putting in the 2 bid without Doctor's help?
Unauthorized Information (UI)
What players do is try to find the best bid in every bidding spot. This isn't always easy to do because there is a lot of factors involved. All bids which are considered as possibly the best bids during the evaluation process are (at least temporarily) logical alternatives. Bids ...
Erdem Ozturk's bidding problem: K65 A AQ32 T8653
Yes, I like the 1 rebid too, especially when I have some 33(61) medium hand, and the bidding starts 1m-1.
Thin Invite With Both Majors
Where can the D&W calculator be found?
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: 3 AKJT9 53 JT982
What kind of comment is that? I have 9, opener might have 11, partner bid 10. What, it is completely impossible for a vulnerable weak-jump bidder to have anything below 11 HCP?
My Speedball with Steve, Final Round
OK. What is the right name for playing "3rd/low + xXxx"? Today I heard about the Lover's Leap, so maybe this is the right day for learning proper terminology.

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