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Deb Dhar
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April 27, 2014
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Deb Dhar's lead problem: AKJ876 65 QT J52
I did not expect the lead to be anything other than one of the top spades - A or K - depending on your lead convention. This hand came up in an ACBL BBO tournament. The East Robot led Q which was successful. The West Robot had A and K. The contract ...
Deb Dhar's bidding problem: J52 93 J52 AT653
I was west and passing did not come to mind at the table. My choices at that time were 2 and 3. I bid 2. My partner felt that I should have bid 3. I see that 2 has more votes than 3. I ...
Are you "allowed to know"?
Suppose partner passed 2 after alerting properly - showing a weak 5=5 or 5=6 - would South bid 3 now? South, holding a hand strong enough to play in 3, could have bid 3 over 2. IMO, bidding 3 is using UI. Correcting to ...
Deb Dhar's bidding problem: QT T643 KQ93 A97
West had J97 KJ8 854 JT65 East had 8532 972 T62 Q82 J was onside; was not. The lead was J. I decided to upgrade my hand looking at those 10s and 9s. The partner did not think the hand was good enough to upgrade. The majority of poll ...
Deb Dhar's bidding problem: QT T643 KQ93 A97
This hand came up last week in local sectional. I did invite with 4NT. The partner had AK64 AQ5 AJ7 K43 and bid 6NT. The partner has not happy when I put down this dummy. The contract went down 2. 6 out 17 pairs bid 6NT - a little higher percentage ...
Deb Dhar's bidding problem: QT T643 KQ93 A97
@Jyri - In our system 4 would show 5+. I like your idea of using 4 as 4 cars m. We don't use them. I will try to convince partner to include them in our system. @Richard - 4 would have showed 5+ cards. So, it was ...
How do you play 3NT at IMPs?
Low towards Q. If that wins go back to dummy with a . Lead a towards K.
what's the best line
May be I was not clear either. I would not pull 3rd trump - unless I feel very strongly at the table the lead was a singleton. I would definitely play two round of trumps - and avoid going down in a cold contract when the trumps are 2-2.
what's the best line
If trumps are 2-2 (40% ?) then there are 12 tricks. So, it is correct to play two rounds of trumps. If trumps are 3-1 the contract can still be made after pulling 3 rounds if N has A or E has K (75%). This protects against diamonds to be 5-1 ...
Hand from Gatlinberg KO’s
I will play K, A, J, A. If trumps are splitting 3-2 then play K, A, Q - discarding two spades on hearts. Now try ruffing spade and diamond with small trumps - assuming everything went fine - and finally, high cross ruff. If East ruffs the fourth heart and leads spades, play ...

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