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Deb Paul
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Sept. 27, 2017
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Good hands.
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I love your articles and wait for them eagerly. Thanks for describing a situation where under leading an ace is the percentage thing to do.
Deb Paul's lead problem: 5 4 KQJ986 AQT54
Red king defeats the contract as partner is void in diamonds . 2 ruffs and ace defeats the contract.
Deb Paul's bidding problem: 75 AJT3 JT82 KQ3
7c was what was bid at most tables and it was the par contract. The responder had seven cards in spades and void in clubs.
Deb Paul's bidding problem: A954 Q9764 972 A
It's obvious I miscalculated the odds. Evidently It's not as close as I thought.Your point about bidding 4h earlier if you need to at all is noted.
Deb Paul's bidding problem: A954 Q9764 972 A
I did bid 4h got doubled going down one. 4c was going down one as the 2c bidder had two hearts. My partner felt that in a club game anticipating a singleton is not correct. But I don't think that is the only issue. The hand has too many ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: K863 32 AKT984 9
I agree with your logic. The issue with bidding 5d seems to be 2heart losers and another in the black suits . If the loser is club ace you probably have done the right thing by bidding. I rate the chances of partner having club ace as 50%.
Deb Paul's lead problem: A2 Q853 KT63 T83
Of course you found partner with j10xx in hearts.
Deb Paul's lead problem: A2 Q853 KT63 T83
Thank you all. On the actual hand partner for all those who chose a heart and I was one of them had the expected qjx of diamonds. But the question is that even a q could have been enough(jx in dummyb.So is diamond such a bad lead at ...
Deb Paul's lead problem: K86 KJT95 3 AJ92
I forgot to mention east west are playing precision.
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