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Sept. 27, 2017
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Oct. 31
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Deb Paul's bidding problem: 5 T975 KQT83 QT5
I bid 3h my partner had Axxx Akx Ax AK9x and drove to 6h.
The Language of Bridge is Book of the Year
Congratulations kit and no doubt well deserved . I have always learnt something from reading your articles on bridge winners.
Any converts?
I abstained because I have not read the book only excerpts. However I was convinced even before I read the excerpts that they cheated. The more I have understood the nature of bridge the more I am convinced that they cheated. So in many ways I felt it was best ...
Fancy Falsecard
Excellent article . I loved the denouement. Thanks kit.
Garbage Stayman
Thanks kit I always look forward to your articles. Something to learn every time. On this deal assuming trumps break 32 playing heart q at trick two after taking the ace of clubs in dummy will lose when east has 3 small trumps and heart breaks 42. This scenario looks ...
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: A76 AK5 KJ8543 Q
I misclicked 2h is my call.on checking i did right.
Find that Ace
Thanks kit for sharing your thought process on the lead. Very instructive. One question on East's bidding. What are your thoughts on a 2s bid by east presumably forcing to 3d?
Deb Paul's bidding problem: Q872 K542 J65 52
Undoubtedly West has created a problem for himself. East had kxx aqjx Kx Aqxx. He raised to 4 on west's 3h bid. It's moot whether that's justified .Thanks for responding.
Way to Recover
Thanks kit for another great article. Does cashing the heart ace at trick two have any drawbacks?
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