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How does one go about it?
Also Mike has suggested a slightly different approach which definitely has its advantages.
How does one go about it?
Certainly playable and seems to have more layers and Avoids ambiguity And should reach 7h using these methods.
How does one go about it?
I see a lot of merit in the sequences outlined by you and one should be able to navigate ones way to the right contract . A question I have posed to David also who has as have you advocated the use of 4nt as a slam try rather than rkc ...
How does one go about it?
I can certainly see the merit of using 4nt as a slam try. Would you use it in this sequence for a slam try with trumps being ambiguous or only for the last bid suit in this case hearts?
How does one go about it?
Steve whileI am pretty much in agreement that a swing at six hearts is not such a bad idea a one heart bid would have worked out much better.
How does one go about it?
The first tank was after the six heart bid and was by the partner which definitely indicated spade void.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: --- AQJ63 K4 AQT642
I tend to agree with Richard here on both counts. Imo he should bid 4nt rkc if he has slam interest with a shortage in spades. Having not done so 6h would indicate that he assumes partner has the shortage. A pass of 6spafes would be a grand slam try.
How does one go about it?
This assumes 5h is forcing in this sequence. Is that given?
How does one go about it?
What would be blackwood if 4nt is not?
A hand of yore
Thanks. Missed it..
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