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Debbie Rosenberg
Debbie Rosenberg
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Oct. 9, 2010
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about me

It's hard for me to believe, but I've been a professional bridge player and teacher for about 30 years. Along with Michael Rosenberg, our then 14-year-old son Kevin, and my mom, Judy Zuckerberg, in 2011 I moved from NY to the Bay Area of California. When not teaching bridge, I'm often enjoying hiking with new friends in this beautiful weather, while Michael stays home to write comments on Bridge Winners articles.

While I've always enjoyed seeing young people learn bridge, in 2013 youth bridge become my passion.  That year I became a mentor and organizer in the USBF Junior training program, and co-founded a youth bridge organization in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley Youth Bridge.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Kevin at 9 playing duplicate with his great-grandmother, my Grandma Leah. Any memory of discussing or playing bridge with Rev Murthy
Bridge Accomplishments
World Junior Team Champion 1991; Cavendish Teams 1st place 1993; World Women's Pairs 1st 2002; Venice Cup 1st place 2007; Reisinger 3rd 2008; IBPA awards for Best Bid hand of the year with JoAnna Stansby in both 2006 and 2010 ; IBPA Sportmanship Award in 2012; Grand National Teams 2nd 2016; Grand National Teams 1st 2017; World Mixed Teams 1st place 2018; Teaching some of my students to COUNT
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Palo Alto Bridge Center in Mountain View, California (ACBL Unit 503); Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Youth Bridge
Favorite Conventions
Splinters, because they allow you to play the hand in the bidding
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Grand Life Master
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Does this cuebid create a game force?
Thanks, Michael, and thanks everyone for the votes and comments. I posted this poll because when this came up the other night, both the other expert present and I "felt" like 3 would create a game force, but it didn't feel clear to me and I wasn't ...
World Bridge Games ("Olympiad") 2020
Reviving this thread, now almost three months later, and we still don't have this info! I've heard different rumors. Does anyone know anything, at least about when an announcement is expected?
Max Schireson's bidding problem: KT4 AKT8 Q83 KT8
Fwiw, my spades were AQ98xx. I probably should have passed 3N, which probably would have made on the actual layout, so Max probably made the winning decision. I was worried about him having stff K of spades, or 3N being a disaster for another reason, while 4S would at least ...
The New Tricks Tournament Series
There are already hand diagrams of each individual hand. I'd prefer to see a full deal diagram. However, I am fine with leaving as is if that is actually more appealing to less experienced players.
The New Tricks Tournament Series
Excellent idea and execution. A couple of suggestions which would make it more enjoyable for me, and perhaps others: 1) I'd like to know from the beginning of the video who is doing the commentary. If they introduced themselves, I missed it. I'd also suggest that info be ...
Debbie Rosenberg's bidding problem: AQ K KT753 AQ653
Yup, I too thought it was an awful problem. My partner had it, not I, and I was not at all sure what I would have done.
Support redouble disaster and missing WC bulletins
@John Cox, the Reisnger definitely scores a 10 point difference as a win/loss. Maybe you are thinking of this year's Buffet Cup, which counted it as a tie. Oren Kreigel mentioned that in this article:
How do you play this?
Balanced slam try is expert standard in the US, and doesn't appear to be one of the six choices, so I voted for something else. I believe that is the agreement I have with every partner with whom I have any agreement. With MR I have the fit jump ...
Asking about Keycard Response
Michael, I'd argue that they do "count" in the sense that when the asker has the Q, declarer won't, so will likely realize that there was an issue. When the asker doesn't have the Q, often declarer or dummy will have it, making the declarer far less ...
Asking about Keycard Response
"The person asking that way may be asking doing so out of (bad) habit, not even noticing what is in their own hand." Not sure that is a bad habit, certainly better than only asking when you think your side might benefit from hearing the answer. The alternative of asking ...

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