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Dennis Cohen
Dennis Cohen
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June 26, 2010
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March 10, 2014
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Bridge Player
about me
Technology author (over 30 titles) and technical editor (over 400 titles). Bridge addiction dates back to kibitzing father playing rubber bridge as a kid. Started out playing Chicago and Auction for cash, then migrated to duplicate in college.
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Ventura Sectional Swiss Final vs Crane/Shuman & Smolen/Davis
Bridge Accomplishments
1 National and 8 Regional Wins
Regular Bridge Partners
Catherine Creer, Gard Hays, Bill Rottmayer, John Jeffrey, David Corn, Lynn Hays
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Tournaments
anything close to home
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Bill Rottmayer & Dennis Cohen
Standard with Weak Notrump
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David Corn & Dennis Cohen
2 over 1
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Catherine Creer & Dennis Cohen
2 over 1 (not in competition)
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Lynn Hays & Dennis Cohen
2 over 1 (not in competition)
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Tunnel Vision or Missed Opportunity
Oh, I took the slam, but retrospect made the "pass and lead a club" option tempting. Yes, I was almost certain she had the diamond ace (or a club void) due to my major suit holdings.
Three (Vienna Coups) in less than a year!
The point is that with a heart lead, there are only going to be two hearts left in dummy and the diamond ace did have to be cashed before running clubs because there is no other entry back. Thanks for being interested, though.
Three (Vienna Coups) in less than a year!
If it's a simple squeeze, then show the end position...I see it as A9 in the dummy and small heart and Q in hand after the last club is cashed.
Why I hate duplicates.
I grew up in the game playing rubber bridge (both Chicago and Auction) for almost four years before trying duplicate. Many of the points made in this article resonate with me to some extent, but with the exception of events like the Cavendish, I don't see or remember the ...
Bridge or Poker?
So, I might get to a failing 6 contract (e.g. Kxxxx AKxx Kxx x), but I feel that I'm going to be in slam on these cards, and might as well give us the best chance for bidding 7 instead of 6 when 13 tricks are available.
The Menagerie Comes to BBO
After this and a few similar hands in the past couple of years, I start to wonder how much of Mollo's work also came from "real life." See you in Spokane next month, Dave.
Your call with...
sorry, the extra card is the 2...3-6-3-1 distribution
Skill, Luck, and Bridge
West had Jxxx QJxx KQxxx --
Ruminations re F2F vs Online Bridge
Ah, Allan, we had a common venue. The two clubs at which I played were Paul's and The Edinburgh. Tuesday evenings at The Edinburgh and Wednesday (teams) and Thursday (pairs) at Paul's provided competition that really made you work, with attendees like Kantar, both Walshes, Mary Jane, Scleifer ...
Decision to stay at a Bridge Tournament Venue
I used to attend a lot of tournaments, then I took my hiatus of almost 20 years. Since my return, I consider cost and inconvenience the primary impediments to leaving home for a tournament. Room cost is just one factor. As others have alluded, parking cost/convenience are also a ...

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