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Dennis Dewit
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May 22, 2016
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High level methods
Your argument for a natural 4 is a hand where it seems no one would have troubles reaching a red slam. Never implied I would double on all hands with 4 hearts. Meanwhile, the hand types I described for an artificial 4 bid are more frequent and cause ...
High level methods
I don't expect responder to ever pass 4 after his failure to double, so might as well make it artificial. Either a slam try in clubs or some kind of waiting bid (pick a game) with a hand like Qxx Ax xx AQxxxx
David Corn's bidding problem: 4 3 JT8643 AK965
A more likely reason for this bidding problem seems 2 being passed out when 5m was making.
Food for thought?
Funny... I consider 2 as dreadful and 1 reasonable but would probably not bid it.
How'd we get so high? ATB (Matchpoints)
The partnership might have been able to stay in 2 if North had pass available to show more than a minimum but not enough to bid something else. Once 2 was bid, South is kind of obliged to raise; for all he knows North can have a hand ...
Help me understand my partner's penalty doubles
I thought this topic was ironical at first. Your partner's actions on these boards are far from outstanding. If I wouldn't have a take-out double available on the second board, 4 looks obvious. And if you really want to result like on the second board, you should ...
Forcing or not ?
This doesn't look forcing to me. North was asking for a diamond stopper to play 3NT and South repeated his spades, which could still be a lot of hands, but not a minimal GF hand with a diamond stopper. If North had a slammish hand, he could already have ...
Juraj Kvocek's bidding problem: T32 JT3 J5 JT953
I raise when I expect to have a trick. On this type of hands it's also often important being able to enter dummy at least once to take some finesse over the opener instead of having to play everything from the strong hand.
Freak Deal appeal
Opening 2 in goulash is futile
Nicholas France's bidding problem: 9 963 AJ87 AQJ76
So I guess we'll have to pass 1 with xxxx AKxx xx xxx and many other hands. RIP our constructive bidding

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