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Dennis Dewit
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How do you interpret this double?
I don't think there is a difference between the first two options. It is sensible to play this as some 4441/4432 with opening values. The odds for having a major fit in this auction are pretty high.
1C (1H) X = 4+spades
It is still valuable to know that 1NT is about (7)8-10(11) with a real stopper. As opener isn't forced to bid 1NT over 1 with some unbalanced or semi-balanced hands you would otherwise miss out on playing 1NT. Makes it also easier for opener to raise ...
Super Acceptance after 1NT Opening and Minor Suit Transfer
I think this is pretty intuitive and most people would bid like this even if they didn't discuss it with their partner. I consider AKx with sufficient stoppers to be enough and might even do it on a max hand with Axx or Kxx in the minor if I ...
Some new ideas about transfers
Can't be bothered to change my whole 1 and 2 level structure only so I can sign off lower with weak hands.
Sandwich NT versus X
I like part b)
Petter Bengtsson's bidding problem: 8653 Q6 T872 K65
The weird thing is the silent opponents who also have a double fit and everything in their suits.
Five No Trump Bids
5NT GSF is a remnant from a pre keycard asking era. Once you start using (E)RKCB, pick a slam becomes far more useful as the standard meaning for a jump to 5NT. There are still some auctions where you need it (based on limited space available) but they should ...
Bidding a Singleton Four Times
Even playing specific king responses, you could have bid 6. This should show K as it's generally not a good idea to splinter with a singleton king. Still better is, of course, if North had a 5 bid available to confirm all keycards, over which a 5NT ...
Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: 9 AKJT QT853 T94
If partner understands the frequency of hands in bridge, he will likely not agree to play this double as penalty unless East is a known mental patient. His arguments: - Hands like the one above are pretty common. Since West doesn't promise more than a yarborough, East's bidding only ...
Finn Kolesnik's bidding problem: ATx AKQ Txx KQT9
Why would a strong club improve prospects? In standard, partner at least knows in this sequence that opener's dbl is usually a strong unbalanced hand with 5+. In precision, opener can have any 5 card suit for his dbl and I guess even more balanced ranges.

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