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Dennis Kaye
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William Zhu's bidding problem: Q984 854 Q43 J54
I would have bid 3S not 1NT. Now I can't bid 4S which shows a limit raise with 3S. Now I can only bid 3S showing 2 spade cards, distorting my spades and point count.
Jon Green's bidding problem: 982 AKJ83 AKT K5
Bob, you are right about the 2NT not being a good bid. Even if South has a spade stopper you have wrong sided the NT contract. With this in mind I would bid 2H, and if partner bids 3D I would bid 3S fourth suit forcing. If South now bids ...
Jon Green's bidding problem: 982 AKJ83 AKT K5
If 2/1, I play 2NT as 12-14 hcp or 18-19 hcp and a jump to 3NT showing 15-17 hcp. So, after the 3NT bid, I would hope partner knows 4NT this shows 18-19 hcp. Partner can make a move to slam, if the total points add up to 33 ...
Jason Feldman's bidding problem: AKxxx Axx Axx Kx
I agree with Peg Kaplan's evaluation of North"s hand. North must be void in H to bid 5H, but partner should have more than ten HCP to force the partnership to 5S inviting partner to go on with extras. I would expect to see at least one queen ...
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: Qxx J KQJxxxx Jx
Sorry for my confusing answer, I meant to say 3NT not 3H. Partner knows I have a singleton and can't have a stopper, so I expect partner will pull to 4D without a heart stopper. If partner pulls to 4S instead, I'll pass.
Michael Sun's bidding problem: Q7643 KQ4 --- KQ765
I know with shortness in the opponent's suit you double with "points". With my partner passing in first seat and my 12 hcp, it looks like west has a big hand. If I try a takeout double at this level, and partner passes with a diamond trick thinking I ...
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: Qxx J KQJxxxx Jx
I'm bidding 3H asking partner to bid 3NT with a heart stopper; if not bid 4D. I'm not sure if the 3S bid shows 5 spades, but if partner bids 4D, I will bid 4S and hope partner knows I have 3 spades only and will pass or ...
Hendrik Sharples's bidding problem: 3 KQ9 A52 AKQJ64
Normally with such a strong hand I would double, because a pass would make it difficult to describe this hand later. But, with so few HCP left for the other two hands, it is very possible this hand could be passed out. 1C vulnerable is going down a lot, maybe ...
GNT Flight A Qualifiers, Day 2
You and your team are playing very well. If you continue at this level of play, you have a good chance to win the event. Some of the most memorable events are victories or high finishes where you were the underdog. Some thirty-five years ago I was in a 400 ...
Dean Pokorny's bidding problem: K AJ976 972 Q873
I hate the three little diamonds. Pass. The preemptive bidder is vulnerable and could have AQJ10 seven times plus a queen somewhere and enough distribution to make a four bid or more by my side to be ugly if partner has a minimum only.

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