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March 17, 2014
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Honolulu NABC Appeals Casebook with Commentary now available on the ACBL website
In case 3 I don't understand why N/S shouldn't keep their 3 +2 (or the MP difference between 3 +2 and 4 +1 deducted from their MP result for +800 or +1400) North's pass in a GF situation was not a consequence of ...
Cue Bids and Splinters, and Forcing Passes, Oh My
Opener has a lot of options here with slam interest. He can bid 5 or 5 or he can pass-and-pull to 5 or 5. It makes sense to know what bid shows a diamond control. I think: - 5 weakest action, only saying want to play ...
Break in tempo !?
Yes, you're right. He will only lose 2 hearts and a club then. So the more reason to award 10 tricks
Break in tempo !?
So we could still get a weighted score based on all non-diamond leads. We can include some percentage for club lead and declarer getting it wrong. Although that would be a very tiny percentage as North also needs to switch to a diamond to cause problems for declarer instead of ...
Break in tempo !?
"a choice of opening lead would be between spades and diamonds" I for one would lead my singleton club. Another reason why I think the BIT suggested something good (but not too many cards) in diamonds in partner's hand. How will the play go on a club lead? Declarer ...
Double After 2/1 GF
I prefer a cooperative dbl here. DBL shows some interest in defense. Usually a balanced hand. With 3, a good doubleton or bad 4-card suit. Responder passes the dbl with 3+ (unless something very good to show) and some of the hands with 2 spades (balanced). With a ...
Merrimac Coup
well, let's report the facts correct here. As we can see in the BBO-archive, declarer played a club to the King, then after some pause the Queen of clubs. So East could not have gone up the King. And Harding did very well to take the second club ...
Your bid?
3 against this 1-opening. Since 1 is artificial I want to take away a lot of bidding space, before they find out what hand East has. If 1 were a natural opening, showing 4+ there is much less to gain by preempting. I dislike double ...
Thrump double vs, FP in a GF auction
Opener could have rebid 3 to show shortness. So when he bid 3, he won't be short in spades. If responders also has 2 (or even 3) spades our best game may be defending 3 doubled as we are lacking enough stoppers for 3NT and might ...
Alertable or not?
In the Netherlands beginners are taught to never bypass a Major at the 1-level. So if you play 5-card Majors and 1 can be 3 (or 2), then 1 - 1 - 1 can still be 4-3-3-3. If you rebid 1NT you deny 4 spades. That is bridge ...

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