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Dennis Stuurman
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March 17, 2014
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Merrimac Coup
well, let's report the facts correct here. As we can see in the BBO-archive, declarer played a club to the King, then after some pause the Queen of clubs. So East could not have gone up the King. And Harding did very well to take the second club ...
Your bid?
3 against this 1-opening. Since 1 is artificial I want to take away a lot of bidding space, before they find out what hand East has. If 1 were a natural opening, showing 4+ there is much less to gain by preempting. I dislike double ...
Thrump double vs, FP in a GF auction
Opener could have rebid 3 to show shortness. So when he bid 3, he won't be short in spades. If responders also has 2 (or even 3) spades our best game may be defending 3 doubled as we are lacking enough stoppers for 3NT and might ...
Alertable or not?
In the Netherlands beginners are taught to never bypass a Major at the 1-level. So if you play 5-card Majors and 1 can be 3 (or 2), then 1 - 1 - 1 can still be 4-3-3-3. If you rebid 1NT you deny 4 spades. That is bridge ...
Alertable or not?
If I'm your opponent and the auction goes: 1 - (pass) - 1 - (pass) 1 - (pass) - 2 - (pass) pass - ?? I would very much would like to know if 1 can have 15-17 with 4-3-3-3 here. In that case you might be in some 3-4 fit ...
Regular vugraph experience
Concerning explanations of the bidding, as a frequent BBO operator in the Netherlands I can say: - always try to find the players' convention cards. Usually there is a website of the tournament/competition on which they are published; else find a relative new one from Euro/World Champs/trials etc ...
Ruling question regarding an unalerted jump cuebid
JA: 'Do I have to whack him with the card? Special alert? Break procedure and write an explanation that was not requested? ' The Dutch screen regulations state that a player must be active in explaining unusual alerts, especially when an alert is required for a more common meaning of a ...
Ruling question regarding an unalerted jump cuebid
It just feels wrong to not explain the exact agreement about 4. I believe as East you have an obligation to do so behind screens. If I just alert, I would expect North to think I alerted because regulations tell me to alert a splinter bid. I would not ...
Who will watch the watchers?
Last year I kibitzed a match and the next thing happened. Declarer was in 5 with his spades being: K Q x (North, dummy) opposite A J T x x x (South, declarer) I was kibitzing West who held 8 7 x. In the play declarer used dummy ...
How to Probe for a Slam?
4, forcing. 2NT Lebensohl and 3 invitational. So what hand do you need to bid 4 NF? Too strong for 3, not interested in 3NT and not worth a jump to 5?

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