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Derek Patterson
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Nov. 14, 2015
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Feb. 15, 2018
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What's best?
I think I would play the Ace of diamonds at trick one - the reason being that if the queen is beaten by the king, I will have to use my entry to the dummy to take a spade finesse, which will kill the dummy and reduce squeeze chances to zero ...
Play Problem
I agree, especially as, when we lead the club, LHO might rise with an honour (might be dealt AQ doubleton even).
Play Problem
Hi, I think this is the best line but it seems to me that if I play a club, they can return one, we can ruff, play diamond to king and heart, now East might ruff and play 3rd club. There is a danger of an over-ruff if we ruff ...
Antonio Palma's bidding problem: Q2 K983 AJ AKQT5
I think that passing makes it too easy for them to come in and I would rather not have to guess what to do if they do. 3NT might keep them out but all experienced players have seen this type of ruse before and if the oppo do bid over ...
Should 1nt-2nt show 8-9 hcp or just 8 hcp?
Agree with this. In my opinion, at MPs, a raise to 2N is the normal action with the equivalent of a 9 count. Most flat 8-counts should pass.
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: J T8 KQT85 AT652
I think that pass shows first round control if the opponents are clearly sacrificing and only then. In this auction, 6H is likely to be making - partner's failure to bid slowly should be an attempt to warn us of this. Therefore, it seems to me that our pass over ...
Peg Kaplan's lead problem: J T8 KQT85 AT652
Pass shows first-round control only when they have clearly sacrificed. On this auction, our side should be considering a sacrifice over their making slam so pass suggests this, although we probably should have bid 7 ourselves - partner seems to have gone out of his/her way to describe a huge ...
ATR Assess this ruling.
North's bid is such a clear mis-description that it suggests strongly that your stated analysis has hit the nail on the head. There was considerable UI and North's actions should not be allowed. Many pairs bid like this when UI is available - a hesitation by one player, then ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: J T8 KQT85 AT652
I think that partner has shown a huge minor 2-suiter with no other cards - why else introduce the clubs but not investigate a grandy over the 3S splinter? On that basis, it is clear that 6H rates to make at least 50% of the time, so a sacrifice seems to ...
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: AK87xxx Q --- KQ98x
partner's double shows either good diamonds or a total misfit with moderate diamonds, such as x, KJxxxx, K9xx, Jx so, having got to this point, pass seems reasonable but brave and is definitely not nuts. Pulling to spades, in the light of the failure to rebid 2S, probably gets ...
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