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Diana Eveline Serban
Diana Eveline Serban
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June 18, 2010
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Dec. 17, 2017
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about me

I work for Bridge Base Online. I'm not an expert, but I love bridge and I play a lot, mostly online. 


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Is something "rotten" in the state of . . . North American bridge? Is it perhaps a systemic problem? Brainstorming? Constructive ideas?
Part of the communication problem here is that you seem to believe online bridge = BBO. It's not. BBO so happens to be the largest platform, but what was discussed here all along was how anything that harms ONLINE BRIDGE is potentially harmful for the future expansion of the game.
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Well I haven't said it should be tolerated. I was pointing out that sometimes it is hard to convince people that they are being offensive when they sincerely feel that they aren't. Some are willing to listen and adapt. Some will stubbornly continue a martyr-for-freedom quest. That's ...
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I also think quiet ban wd have been better, but that's really not that relevant. BW is overall a very nice and well run community and if Dean is the closest thing they have to a troll well, they are lucky :)
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Repeated attacks against Eugene and BW mods count?
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Yeah I used that word on purpose :) And the point I was trying to make was that, like it or not, Dean should learn to embrace the politically correct culture be it American or global or whatever. There is a bit of an issue as it's hard for a ...
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"Different cultures place different emphasis on what is being said and how it is being said." As someone coming from a country very close to Dean's I'm pretty sure this whole circus is based on a cultural gap. In the Balkans (and possibly in other places too) people ...
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I think the idea was people who felt offended by Dean's tone were mostly Americans as there's a "politically correct" culture in the US which is not that deeply rooted in other parts of the world. Just guessing anyway, but I would suspect that's the "American" connection ...
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This is an interesting poll. BW has always felt very American to me, as an outsider and occasional lurker, despite its international membership. Too bad it wasn't asked as a serious question and it turns out to be yet another "shoot the mods" thread.
To reach young people and get bridge more out there online, consider twitch
And here's clee take 2:
To reach young people and get bridge more out there online, consider twitch
For anyone curious, I actually saved a couple of Roger's sessions. I just uploaded one on youtube - another one to come soon (will post here when it's processed):

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