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Dick Wilson
Dick Wilson
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April 28, 2011
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April 29
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Bridge Player
about me

Born in Rochester, NY in 1941. Still in Rocheser during the summer but after lthe winter of 2013/2014 I moved to Delray Beach, FL. Rubber bridge with family and friends from early high school through about age 45. Returned to the game at age 62 when a friend asked me to join him at a local duplicate club - my first try at this. The hook was set. I have not stopped since. My golf game suffered as a result but in 2011 I got back into golf in order that I not be totally one-dimensional for the rest of my life. I maintain an active interest in my business - HORIZON Solutions, LLC - a distribution company of electrical and industrial supplies serving a customer base in New York State and much of New England.

United States of America

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Marilyn Goldman
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All clubs in Rochester, NY Area
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Gatlinburg and all Nationals
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ddonuts and jdd
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Sapphire Life Master
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Dick Wilson's bidding problem: A87 K9752 AQ9 65
Thanks, Henry. Agree with your comment. BTW I enjoyed competing with your dad for several years. Unfortunately, we only partnered twice. in 2005 we won 1.00 Masterpoints in a club game. in 2010 in another club game we won 1.50. I think both were section tops.
Dick Wilson's bidding problem: A87 K9752 AQ9 65
Reverse Two Way Drury is a convention which allows a passed hand to show invitational values in response to partner's opening bid of a major at a low level. 2s = 3 Card Game Invitational Raise 2s = 4 Card Game invitational Raise 1 Opener's Responses to ...
Dian Petrov's bidding problem: --- AT8432 32 AKQJ4
If I were going to take another bid on this auction (which I would never be in) I would show the 2nd suit.
Dian Petrov's bidding problem: --- AT8432 32 AKQJ4
Yet another great comment, Richard. . I assume the opener would continue his gamble and bid the 2nd suit. I would not be in this position to begin with.
Jay Michaels's bidding problem: KQJ2 AK4 KQ83 J4
Might opened 2nt to begin with to avoid this problem.
WOLFSON Wins Vanderbilt
I had the pleasure of competing against Jeffrey and Steve in a small club game in Delray Beach FL a few weeks ago. They won handily and I asked in Butch and Sundance fashion, "Who are those guys?" Anyone in the bridge who didn't know them before know them ...
Dick Wilson's bidding problem: QT865 AT52 4 J95
Your initial Pass said I don't have 4 hearts you would have bid them over 3 Clubs. Bidding hearts over 3 diamonds doesn't even say Imlike them better than diamonds - it is taking a preference for the Major even though partner probably has 6 Diamonds. It is not ...
Dick Wilson's bidding problem: QT865 AT52 4 J95
How can you believe this is rescuing when you have clear game-going values in Partner’s 2nd suit when partner has shown extra strength and shape? It is not just reluctant support to bid 4 hearts especially when you have failed to make clear at The the 3 level that ...
Geeske Joel's bidding problem: Q3 KJ7 K542 AJ94
What is 2 Clubs in your system?
Dick Wilson's bidding problem: A7 KJ532 Q7 QT83
Thanks for your thoughts, John. Jerry’s take was that pass was the weakest bid. I felt that 3 hearts was the the equivalent of 1-2-3 stop - a blocking bid. Obviously, there was no agreement. BTW The hand makes 4 on a diamond lead on 23 HCPS.

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