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Dominic Cooke
Dominic Cooke
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March 24, 2018
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about me

Student, UK-based. Often delusional about how good I am at this game, but I make enough wild errors to puncture my inflated ego on a regular basis.

United Kingdom

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Making 6HX-6 for -1400 at a Year End Congress. My partner was declaring, but it was very much me who got us there.
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...and it all went horribly wrong...
The trump suits would need careful handling to bring home 7 and 7 as well.
How well do you understand restricted choice?
I'd disagree. No one's first-choice name for their child is Dylan, surely, so if one is called Dylan the other is much more likely to be a boy, having taken the parents' top male name choice.
LTC becomes worse than useless as soon as AJT or KJT in a suit comes up. Even Culbertson's Honour Tricks (or honor tricks, if you want to be picky) can tell you more about the suit's strength. There's a question to be had between game try or ...
Better Bidding of Potential Slam Hand
Further to Frances's adroit hand, you make the point that 30-31 points will not tend towards a good slam without a fit. There is a fit in these hands, and your auction doesn't find it. That, to me, sounds like an argument working against itself.
Better Bidding of Potential Slam Hand
The contract could be worse, but surely the bid is too wild? If you're driving to slam on this assortment, you have to offer 6 first.
Though I'd probably say "no blame, game could be much worse, these things happen" in that one too, to be honest.
Can you give an auction to game at other tables? That seems more like an ATB problem to my eyes.
Justice Stevens and Bridge Playing in Law School
Bridge is doing fine at Cambridge for now, just absolutely not with the law students. I'm the only one I know of - it's nearly all mathsy, sciency types otherwise. Or worse, econs.
Malcolm Pryor's bidding problem: AKQ5 Q74 Q52 AK5
Can it be that when I said it wasn't true, I was admitting that wasn't what I had done?
Malcolm Pryor's bidding problem: AKQ5 Q74 Q52 AK5
I do, indeed, have 20. Would you believe I was devaluing my hand for the flat shape and poor red suit honour structure? It isn't true, but it'd make me feel better.

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