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Donald Lurie
Donald Lurie
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Dec. 6, 2012
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about me

Retired ex-School Psychologist, worked in a middle school in the South Bronx. living outside of NYC.  Not an expert, never claimed to be, never will be.  Became LM over 35 years ago but don't ask me how?  Frequently play on BBO - (Double !) but play live bridge relatively infrequently. Memory and attention/ concentration skills are clearly not what they once were.   If I post an problem, even if it seems like such a no-brainer and elementary to you, something likely occurred at the table where a disagreement occurred or there was some difference in approach or style.  So please view it as respecting and appreciating your input.  

Quote: The problem with Walking the Dog is that the dog might sometimes mistake you for a fire hydrant.

Thank You 

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Trumping partner's ace to get her off an endplay against Oswald Jacoby. It was the right play: he was not pleased. (yeah. I go back that far)
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Double !
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Bronze Life Master
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4 Convention Cards on the table possible motion
SAYC convention card is available on acbl site:, Learn, Important Documents, Convention Cards, on lower right side is tab where TDs could go to print out multiple copies of SAYC CCs ahead of time to provide to those they are instructing to play SAYC. It's another PIA ...
What does this double mean?
Steve: the operant letter here is the "I". It carries with it certain assumptions (or is it presumptions) that, for my personal experiences, often haven't been supported by reality. Anyway, as previously documented/ confessed elsewhere, it's always my fault, responsibility transfers in competition or not.
What does this double mean?
DSIP is an oxymoron.
where did east-west go wrong on this hand
I always get scolded or dissed: this is nothing new. In fact, when I was born, the doctors spanked my father. It's taken over 65 years but I've gotten over it. I'm now more interested in how to better evaluate such hands.
where did east-west go wrong on this hand
where did east-west go wrong on this hand
I like David's idea of blaming the opps for not having made a responsive double as a defense for my not having raised to 3. Had they done so, then i might have felt more comfortable about bidding 3 on light values. Hmmm, blaming the opponents for ...
where did east-west go wrong on this hand
I really don't mind revealing that I was east, that I was torn between Pass and 3, and that I expected constructive arguments, spears thrown, and useful suggestions. I'm not that proud, and my skin is pretty thick...sort of matches my head. I can take it ...
Mixed BAM precision auction - What is the worst bid?
I dare to agree with Alexander that double of 3 might better be played as responsive, showing 4 , and 4/5+ s. If one ignores the original 1 opening, the bidding has gone 1 - 2 - 3 - ?. would not a double here be responsive? This ...
Donald Lurie's bidding problem: AQ54 KQ962 T9 A8
posted this hand to see how many, if any, would open it 1NT. I opened 1, P responded 1NT-f, I rebid 2, and needed a break or two when partner took a preference to 2. Needless to say, on this occasion, partner had little in the majors ...
Donald Lurie's bidding problem: K97 Q53 A2 QT632
it really wasn't so much what contract we got to. it was the process of getting there that i found to be so unusual if not amusing. still won 9.9 imps for 6 +1 fwiw, the out-of-the-blue 4 bidder hand was 82, J109874, ...
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