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Donald Mamula
Donald Mamula
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July 17, 2012
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about me

Trying to do what's best for the game, often by clearing up misconceptions and misinformation.  All opinions are my own and reflect no bridge organization or group.

Past: Served for 9 years on ACBL BoD, 4 years as BoG chairman, lifetime member of BoG, 9 years on D19 board, almost every unit job from grunt labor to unit president.  Proudest bridge admin experience was being "first spouse" to a great BoG chairman.

Current: Retired, but sharing my experience and knowledge.

United States of America

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Goodwill Calendar - missing holiday
Editorial department cutbacks?? Who knows.
Proposed Bylaws Amendment
There are no bylaws of the Board of Governors. There are bylaws of the ACBL.
Jumping the Gun (WBF World Electronic Bridge Championship)
The other problem - a whole lot of bridge officials would no longer get overseas vacations each year.
RIP Harold Feldheim
Terrible jokes? Did Harold have any that WEREN'T terrible? (Said with a smile)
October 2019 Southern California Bridge News
Nope...not the reason. Many other large district exist and haven't gone that route. But you, and everyone in D14, should understand the dynamics behind the money flow within your district.
RIP Harold Feldheim
That's a huge underbid.
October 2019 Southern California Bridge News
Your district also chose to give away its primary revenue source - regional sanctions - to the units. So D14 also doesn't have the cash for funding lots of stuff, including GNT and NAP winners.
October 2019 Southern California Bridge News
I can attest to that. First hand. Too many members of the BoD somehow think that the ACBL is not, first and foremost, a multi-million dollar international corporation.
"The Kids Table" - A Bridge Documentary // Filmmaker Statement
If Daniel isn't suggesting it, then I will. Anyone who applies for a grant is supposed to present a comprehensive proposal, including objectives and desired results. Also, for larger grants, the EF traditionally went for matching funds, along with interim progress reports. So I'm forced into one of ...
The Kids Table: There is Such a Thing as Bad Publicity
Just to be clear - my issue is one of cost/benefit. The EF has taken a huge hit to its assets in the last few years. They have added on paid staffers and have a lot of "other expenses" (in the hundreds of thousands). Is this the highest and best ...

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