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Donald Mamula
Donald Mamula
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July 17, 2012
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about me

Trying to do what's best for the game, often by clearing up misconceptions and misinformation.  All opinions are my own and reflect no bridge organization or group.

Past: Served for 9 years on ACBL BoD, 4 years as BoG chairman, lifetime member of BoG, 9 years on D19 board, almost every unit job from grunt labor to unit president.  Proudest bridge admin experience was being "first spouse" to a great BoG chairman.

Current: Retired, but sharing my experience and knowledge.

United States of America

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ACBL Wide Junior Fund Game
Steve and Nicolas - isn't that the same Georgia Heth who felt that the ACBL had to readmit Lanzarotti? Who has taken some "interesting" views on laws and regulations over the years?
ACBL Wide Junior Fund Game
David - it is highly advantageous to the membership. New York is probably the state that gives the greatest protections to the membership, both collectively and individually. I didn't find it a coincidence when the WBF decided that it would reincorporate in Switzerland after having been a New York corporation ...
Sad State of Affairs
There you go again, Richard. Trying to have masterpoints reflect actual bridge performance. :)
I Don't Understand This
Each issue of The Bulletin posts a notice of the obituary policy.
Changes for All ACBL Special Games
Big thing to keep in mind. So many of these "special games" came about as funding mechanisms for distinct programs and activities. Had the ACBL merely funded the items directly, there would have been no need for these special funding mechanisms. But once the camel's nose got under the ...
Changes for All ACBL Special Games
Keith Wells - I believe (and correct me if I am wrong, Stacy) that the concern is that the deals for the special games are not separate and distinct, aka "special" vis a vis the regular CG deals. Not that they are to be "cooked" or arranged - just why are the ...
Sad State of Affairs
Steve wrote: [i]"Team game table counts at [b]her sectionals[/b] decreased significantly until [b]she felt that she could not afford to run them anymore[/b]. She is willing to run the sectionals and do all the associated work with that, which means [b]the Unit does not ...
Sad State of Affairs
Len wrote: [i]"I think we always need to go back to the most basic topics. In this case, what is it that we as ACBL members want to accomplish with GNT's?"[/i] All too often, we have proposed solutions galore, leading to debates about what might result. Len ...
Sad State of Affairs
D3 has no club or unit qualifying.
Sad State of Affairs
Peg wrote: [i]"Units cannot force club owners to run specific games (can they?)"[/i] Not regular club games. However, talking about sectionals is another matter. As I see it, the unit has ultimate control over their sectionals, [b]if they choose to wield it.[/b] The sanction is initially ...

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