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Doug Bennion
Doug Bennion
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Aug. 15, 2011
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about me

Creator of Bridge Buff, an early bridge-playing program, and Visual Deal, an early deal-generator.

Author several Bridge World articles. Try out Jammer 2D!

Author Scramble Stayman! Don't settle for 1NT!

Still building, but worth a look!

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zelig and doug
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Doug Bennion's bidding problem: --- J9x KT AKJxxxxx
2 is weak, should have so specified. Dunno if 3 forcing. Not even sure if 4 is forcing although 2 bidder thought it should be. RF: 3NT would have been down several after heart lead, diamond back.
So many mouse clicks.
Looks like the web version interface is now very similar to what the Android version has been for years.
Another Question for Mathematicians--well...Statisticians
My deal generator basically agrees. I asked for 50K random deals, parcelled them into 28 board sessions, and checked HCP totals for each session ... 0.44% were fewer than 224 HCP (8 of 1786 sessions).
Watching Videos of F-N from Opatija
A couple more. At 1:28:17 FF goes to place the pad on the side-table, then rethinks it, having not actually looked yet at his hand! After seeing his hand, places the pad 1:28:45. CN appears to peer 1:28:46 and again 1:29:16. Another ...
Watching Videos of F-N from Opatija
Jeff thanks, fixed
Watching Videos of F-N from Opatija
That's very interesting. First hand England match, after all the furniture arranging, and after looking at his hand, FF writes something on his pad, and places the pad on the carefully-placed table. That happens ~ 9:40. At about 10:00, CN seems to peer at the pad ... it's ...
Bridge Bots
On the other hand, ties are plentiful. Kibitz a BBO table with Double Dummy ON, and you'll often see lots of ties. Sometimes playing any card in the hand produces the same result. In that case, the programmer might try to make the plays look more *humanlike* (it can ...
Bridge Bots
DG is right. A tie or ties is rare. Consider a finesse with a 50% chance. The sample size of proxy deals might be 50. The finesse working *exactly* 25 times is only something like 10%. GIB would then basically toss a coin for the winner.
Bridge Bots
It's easy enough to program a bot to *give* a signal, it's much more difficult for them to *read* signals, and I'd be very surprised if GIB does so. Competently. I know from experience.
Changes in meaning
You can show both holdings if you play transfers there. X = hearts, 3 = good raise, 3 = competing.

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