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Doug Bennion
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Aug. 15, 2011
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about me

Creator of Bridge Buff, an early bridge-playing program, and Visual Deal, an early deal-generator.

Author several Bridge World articles. Try out Jammer 2D!

Author Scramble Stayman! Don't settle for 1NT!

Still building, but worth a look!

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zelig and doug
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It's Your invitation
Just confirming to myself that in some contexts, owning aces isn’t necessarily awesome. When you and partner are sharing most of the high-card strength ... say your combined assets are in 3NT range ... a hand with no honors but aces just narrowly outperforms a hand comprising ZERO aces. Partner opens ...
It's Your invitation
Tens have value when connected, higher or lower, not so much when isolated. HTx is clearly stronger than H7x, and T9x stronger than T7x. Tx(x) would have little value. >> So just having 2 Aces and no tens, one should never invite with 4432 hands (23% making game). Correct? That ...
It's Your invitation
That is a great 8-pointer, and clearly worth an invite. Three tens is worth about a jack and a half, the two bullets all by themselves are worth more than eight. 4432 is the worst shape to have, but the doubleton is stopped. Some quick and dirty 3K sims. That ...
Bots Are Coming at You
Yes for sure. I prefer my partners not to falsecard unless it is obvious it will not lead me astray. Defense is tough enough without having to consider that partner, not declarer, might also hold the King despite winning a trick with the Ace, especially if done early in the ...
Bots Are Coming at You
I've had some experience actually programming a bridge player. I haven't looked at a line of code for a decade or so, but I do recall that although false-carding might mislead declarer, it can also dumb down the defence. It injects additional variance. If a bot defender always ...
Directing on BBO
For the curious, Google finds 123K pages for "cuebid" and 225K for "cue bid". Oh apparently another possibility, "cue-bid", is included in the "cue bid" collection, for what that's worth which probably isn't much.
Sportsmanlike Dumping Arises Again
I played way too much snooker when young (Toronto). I still catch some matches on YouTube and I often wonder why the game never caught on in the US, although there are smaller-table options (not sure if they are flourishing). And by 'not catching on', I mean that each full-sized ...
You too can score 90%!
Absurd. First deal trick 4 illustrates a major bot weakness. Bot on lead after winning the spade Q does not know/remember that declarer is trying to set up that suit. From the bot’s POV, there are 9 spades outstanding, declarer has 1-3 of them (having opened 1 ...
Opener's jump rebid of 3NT after a game forcing 2/1 response
Opener's jump rebid of 3NT after a game forcing 2/1 response
LOL Jay. Agree and it would never arise in our system. All 11-17 5M332 opened either 1♣ or 1NT. 1M 2m; 2NT shows 18-19.

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