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Doug Bennion
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Aug. 15, 2011
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about me

Creator of Bridge Buff, an early bridge-playing program, and Visual Deal, an early deal-generator.

Author several Bridge World articles. Try out Jammer 2D!

Author Scramble Stayman! Don't settle for 1NT!

Still building, but worth a look!

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zelig and doug
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Multi 2!D Defence Revisited
Your LHO opens Multi 2 and you are using a kind-of-standard X = 13-15 balanced, or so. Partner does double, and RHO passes. I gather it is normal to treat the double as a 4-suit takeout. You cannot play in 2NT because it is also normal to play Lebensohl to ...
Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
Thanks Andy If I speed-read the article properly, playing just the 'weak two' version shows a small positive result for the actual 2 call, offset by a large negative result for using 2M as a Tartan Two.
Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
Steve: 5xyy hands with x = 0-2 and y = 3-4, are about as common as 42(43) hands, so now you've approximately tripled the original 4%. Thanks for the penalty double explanation. One would have to know how common those arise, to judge whether their value is greater than M ...
Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
That's about how I read it. I don't see methods being built to penalize weak 2 openers, say, so not sure why the ability to penalize Multi carries such weight. I don't use it however (ACBL), and they do ...
Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
I defined 'double' pretty narrowly for hearts as 4xyy, with x = 0-1 and y = 3-5. That produces a frequency of ~ 4%. If you include the likes of 4-2-(43), that approximately doubles the frequency, so that might explain your sense of it. I included 4-2-(43) in the 'balanced' category ...
1NT or not?
If you remove an ace or king from the hand, should weak notrumpers consider 1? A consideration favoring 1NT (for any range) is that it pre-empts overcaller with a decent club suit from showing his hand (2 almost always conventional over 1NT}. It likewise prevents overcaller making a ...
1NT or not?
A good chunk of those hands with small doubletons in the Fantasis analysis would be 5332 (I'm guessing), with the 5-suit often being a source of tricks.
1NT or not?
You didn't finish you eejit. How does that hand compare in a 4-4 spade fit? Perhaps the 'xx' isn't as major a defect. Right. In a skinny game context, that hand playing in a 4-4 4S contract opposite 8 HCP, makes 4S 50%. A random 17-pointer in the ...
1NT or not?
For what it is worth, DD sims think that hand is a precisely average 17-pointer. That hand opposite a balanced 9 HCP makes 3NT 68% of the time. A random 17-HCP 4432 hand makes game 68%. A random 18-HCP makes game 82%. The honor combinations are nice, but 'xx' brings ...
Is E. Bot Married to W. Bot?
Not sure this example is a prime example of bot ‘foolishness’. At the point the 7 was played, Bot E had simmed N deals, and none of the layouts favored the 5 over the 7, so E played randomly. I’d be guilty of the same play ...

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