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Doug Bennion
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Aug. 15, 2011
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about me

Creator of Bridge Buff, an early bridge-playing program, and Visual Deal, an early deal-generator.

Author several Bridge World articles. Try out Jammer 2D!

Author Scramble Stayman! Don't settle for 1NT!

Still building, but worth a look!

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zelig and doug
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Draft ACBL Alert Procedure - Request for Comments
What about the 2 bid in the auction 1M 2, when it is played as something like 'GF, natural or balanced'. We alert it, but I've had opponents simply announce 'could be short', and sometimes nothing is said because 'everyone plays it that way'.
Draft ACBL Alert Procedure - Request for Comments
Good stuff, thanks. Some of the transfer implications aren't covered, or at least I couldn't spot where. In the transfer auction 1 P 1, 1 is announced as 'spades'. However it isn't clear how opener should clarify his rebids. 1 might be any ...
Montreal Summer 2020 NABC Canceled
Here is a handy summary of how various nations are handling the virus. As I write this, the North American situation is this: US: cases 645K, deaths per M 86, tests per M 9.9K The Canadian cases need to be multiplied by the population ...
Montreal NABC in big trouble
No "non-essential" visitors (either way) beginning March 22, to be reviewed in one month. Surely the agreement will not soon be changed and I doubt that earning more masterpoints will be deemed "essential".
Writing style question
Google says "cue bid" is about 2.5X as popular as "cuebid", for what it's worth.
Time to make a plan B for Montreal
As of today there are border restrictions (both ways) restricting all non-essential travel. That measure will be in place for 30 days, but fat chance it won't be extended. And fatter chance playing bridge will be considered 'essential'.
Strength of Rosenkranz Double and Redoubles When Using C/1MX, Rubens Advances, Etc.
Partner and I have settled on using a transfer ladder there, beginning with XX. So after (1) 1 (X), XX = club transfer, 1NT = natural, 2 = diamond transfer = whatever 2 is for you, 2 = heart transfer, 2 = something to do with spades, 2 = something ...
Gimme More Aces and Spaces
The issue of whether double dummy results are reasonable proxies for ‘real bridge’ results has been beaten to death. I happen to think they are. Richard Pavlicek’s nice summary is worth a look RS: Right MH: This was a quick and dirty analysis ...
Gimme More Aces and Spaces
Responder 8-9-10 4A 41.4 64.9 84.4 3A 41.1 61.9 77.0 2A 35.5 54.6 72.0 1A 30.4 47.7 66.6 0A 23.8 42.8 62.4 The small difference between 4A and 3A when responder has 8, looks a ...
Gimme More Aces and Spaces
Steve I want to be sure I know what you are asking for. My post illustrated 16 opposite 9. You would like to see the same for 16-8 and 16-10?

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