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How to bid to right game
I disagree with the crapshoot idea. On the auction, if 3 promises 3, then opener's shape is know as 3541. You can now envision profitable club ruffs in spades as opposed to trump shortening club plays in hearts.
How to bid to right game
3 should show 3 spades, I hate the idea it could be 2. If you don't want to/can't bid 3n, then just bid 3h as a punt. Yes, now your partner doesn't know if you have 5 or 6, but that's less destructive than ...
Bidding Question: NMF
Opener could have 3 spades. Bidding the 4 card heart suit is preferable as you want to be in the 4/4 heart fit instead of the 5/3 spade fit. 2s to show some kind of slammish hand seems reasonable.
Responses to Lebensohl other than 3!c
Diamonds and spades with nothing extra should start with 2s or pass. There are some who like equal level correction, but you haven't told me that's what we agreed to. Diamonds and spades with extras I usually do a leaping Michaels with. Long diamonds with nothing extra should ...
Play 6!d here
It looks like the A is on your left, I'm thinking that a squeeze of some sort looks possible.
Transfers Or not ?
It depends upon the novice. I have had problems with students bidding one suit to show another. Particularly with hearts showing spades. It's much easier to teach beginning bridge when hearts show hearts and spades show spades. Now, if they can embrace transfers, then it's best to go ...
Transfers Or not ?
Transfers Or not ?
It's been my experience that it's advantageous to play transfers with a strong NT, but natural with a weak. By weak, I mean 10-12, with 12-14 you could probably go either way. The reasoning for this, is with a strong hand, they are likely to gain a trick ...
Another hand where you say who's to blame
I agree that is falls apart immediately. North was bidding with very rose colored glasses. When your partner show 0-5, you must respect that 0 is a possibility. With 27 hcp, even with the max 5, they would have to be the right 5 for a slam. I'd have ...
Bidding a 19 HCP Slam
Your partner has never made a Michaels bid with 5/4 in the majors? The first line I stated was that perhaps they were familiar with their partner's aggressiveness.
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