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Doug Couchman
Doug Couchman
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Feb. 25, 2014
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about me

Once upon a time a part-time TD and semi-serious (well, I thought so) player and student of the game, I fell out of the swing of it (moving around a lot doesn't help) but have recently come back and am now active on my unit and district boards, and second alternate to the national board. Having a girlfriend who — somewhat to my consternation — has taken up the game has helped me bring me back.. and also helped make it even more fun than before.

When not playing bridge I tutor, preparing people for standardized tests. (SAT and ACT for undergrad admission; LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, and GRE for grad school.) If you or someone you care about needs help on a test, I'm your guy. See details on my website.

Sadly, I've never played bridge outside the US and Canada, but I certainly hope to. I currently live in the San Francisco bay area.

United States of America

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Thank you Zia!
Allow me to join the chorus of praise. Inspiring actions by both men.
Grassroots Participation in ACBL Elections
In U502 (East Bay) we don't even get pizza (though board members play free in unit games — ooh, big money there...). We've recently lost two board members and can't find anyone to replace them. At the local level at least, the inherent volunteer nature of the organization ...
Drop ins to the Blue Ribbons
David, maybe he meant that a couple random Nail winners, [i]plus a client pair[/i], wouldn't compare well to Soloway qualifying teams. As far as I know the Soloway CoC don't require six-person teams with a client, but who knows.
Drop ins to the Blue Ribbons
I'd be fine with allowing players to win masterpoints that they somehow won in each of two simultaneous events provided that we first eliminate teams of more than four people in all events. In fact, do that and I'd drop my objection to drop-ins from team events to ...
Clarification of Tom Kniest Hand
When the players agree there has been a break in tempo, there has been a break in tempo. The specific number of seconds claimed by players, all of whom stink at estimating how long actions take, is not important. Players rarely (but sometimes) claim their opponents appeared to have a ...
Drop ins to the Blue Ribbons
Michael, I was the one who mentioned six man teams so I'll chime in: I probably still wouldn't favor the drop-in proposal with the alteration that it applied only to pairs that had played every hand, but I'd feel a lot better about it. It's not ...
Drop ins to the Blue Ribbons
"You think making it to the KO stage of the Soloway event, winning two matches, and then slogging it out in the QFs is less of an accomplishment than qualifying on day 1 of a pair event? Give me a break." This is quite the straw man. While I and ...
Drop ins to the Blue Ribbons
None of what I would say are the premier events is decided in just two days, though. And if we want the Blue Ribbon Pairs to be one of the very top ACBL pairs events (I think it arguably is, with only the platinum pairs and the three day LM ...
Drop ins to the Blue Ribbons
Max, what part of your argument is limited to dropping in on day 2? Conceptually, wouldn't it be exactly the same to allow dropping into the final day, for pairs who had been otherwise occupied in a major event and whom we judged to be sufficiently strong? Wouldn't ...
Drop ins to the Blue Ribbons
Assuming arguendo that the odds are "very very high" that they would have survived day one, I reply "so?" High odds ≠ 100% odds. The first day of the Blues is not intended only to weed out the pairs who shouldn't make it to second day in general, it's ...

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