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Doug Rankin
Doug Rankin
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July 24, 2010
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Memphis Motions
Gotta like that.
Insufficient Bid
Interesting. My law book doesn't have a part 1.
Handicapped Regional Knockout Rules
We have had them for some time in district 18, too. It is quite common here to have one bracket in the smaller regionals, so it is usually handicapped. In May, we will be trying a bracketed/qualifying knockout. Should be interesting.
Tainted Boards Left In Play At EBU Event
A bit, Don. Really? Mellowed recently?
Web vs. Sections
If you have enough sets of boards, you can run two sections of 10-12 tables, using web movements in each one. I have done this in the one area in my district that (very) strongly prefers 3-board rounds. It is also useful when running a two-session event, as crossovers are ...
ACBL Team cost vent - if it's as stupid as it looks. I'm hoping I was wrong.
Before you pay anything, be aware that if you do not play in the second or subsequent match of a KO, you will not be permitted to play further in the event in any case, since you can no longer fulfill the participation requirements.
Seeking information on Refurbishing Aluminum Boards
I quote the player's response: "I have done the re-felting several times. The adhesive is on the felts, but it always fails quickly. My best tip is aerosol spray glue. Elmers makes one that is available at standard hardware store. That kind of activates and reinforces the felt glue ...
Seeking information on Refurbishing Aluminum Boards
I haven't, but I carried some across the border for a player in Montana. They looked like they had an adhesive already applied, with a paper backing but I didn't look too closely. I will check with the player and see what he found.
Seeking information on Refurbishing Aluminum Boards
You can try Canadian Bridge Supply for new felts. I know they had them a year or so ago. Not sure if they ship outside Canada though.
No Penalty After A Revoke ?
No, it is not the case. In your example, you would lose the trump Ace. Harsh, in that case, but true. And if your side takes another trick after that one, you lose it too.

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