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Drew Hoskins
Drew Hoskins
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Feb. 23, 2012
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Eric Sieg's bidding problem: 32 T8432 AJ8765 ---
Want to eat up space while not giving them an easy way to penalize me or revealing my shape. With my 5 hearts and p’s likely club length, partner was unlikely to get me involved with my hearts anyway.
Germany to Withdraw from Bermuda Bowl
The whole point of a civil penalty is to remove the financial incentive to cheat. For a professional pair, the punishment needs to be based on a calculation of how much a pair might have gained, monetarily, by cheating, and then suspending them for an amount of time such that ...
Germany to Withdraw from Bermuda Bowl
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
This is an awesome idea. I don't know whether it's before its time. But imagine, in 10 years, we can probably be playing in virtual reality. When the technology is ready, this will give us great latitude to make the game seem natural and social but also filter ...
The End Of The Beginning
"Defeated contracts" is too blunt of an instrument, but you can calculate the double-dummy best defense and figure out how often the pair achieves that result. The thing to be careful of is that defensive skill will likely plot on a bell curve, and so just because a pair is ...
The End Of The Beginning
Shelagh, the software would throw out all boards that the cheaters play. It's effectively like having a "ghost pair". The only unfairness comes from the fact that then, different people play different boards. So you then have to assess whether that level of unfairness (not to mention any emotions ...
The End Of The Beginning
In the computer industry, we have so-called "white hats" who are paid when they find security vulnerabilities in our software and hardware. As we evolve our cheating countermeasures, it strikes me that it would be easy to implement a white hat program for pair games where a certain pair is ...
New Orleans Spring Nationals, Day 1: Platinum Pairs
Good job, Squeezey Bear is pleased! Faced with the same situation as E, I switched to the K of hearts to try to break up the squeeze. I congratulated myself when declarer frustratedly conceded a heart, but with all the spots, it looks like he could have squeezed me just ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: 54 43 A85 QJ7654
If I bid 4S, the auction doesn't scream for a trump lead. If P has the spade A, there's a good chance I can get a heart ruff. Picture partner with AQJxxx Axx KQx x. I can try for a heart ruff or fall back on the trump ...
Drew Hoskins's bidding problem: AK943 QT95 KQ2 8
Partner is not a passed hand.

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