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Dustin Stout
Dustin Stout
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Jan. 5, 2011
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May 28
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Growing up playing with my parents. I come from a competitive card family, my dad wouldn't let us stop playing until he finally won.
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Still forthcoming, multiple world champion Spades player. GNT B SF
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Laguna Woods, Dana Point
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Penalty Double
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Gold Life Master
Ian and Dustin GNT 2/1
2 over 1
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Thinking about Tampa NABC, and a possible solution.
I suspect we'll reach herd immunity before vaccine.
Back to the Table?
Depends what your demographic risk is. For much of the population, the risk is comparable to flu. Why should these things die off for that segment of the population?
Montreal Summer 2020 NABC Canceled
@Giles Hancock. Look at the testing volume. Sweden has only tested 7,387/M. Norway 24,664/M. Sweden simply isn't identifying as many positives in terms of % of population. This is one reason that confirmed cases isn't a very useful metric. Death rate on confirmed case data ...
There probably WILL be a Montreal NABC
Yes, but not sure how realistic contact tracing will be at this stage. Estimates are that there are ~ 10 million infections in the US. Likely not very realistic that we will be able to do contact tracing at this stage of the game. I'm sure we'll attempt it ...
There probably WILL be a Montreal NABC
The alternative is a Depression which could end up causing countless suicides and drug addiction -- perhaps even taking more lives than the virus. Sadly, a Depression would destroy the futures of our younger generations. Staying locked down does not seem like a viable solution. We'll likely need to do ...
There probably WILL be a Montreal NABC
Or, Canada is just earlier in the curve. That would be an alternative logical explanation. It is growing in cases just as fast as the the US did 2 weeks ago early in its curve growth. It currently has a higher growth exponential than the US.
There probably WILL be a Montreal NABC
can I get in on this action?
I Got Coronavirus Playing Bridge
if this pandemic has brought anything to light for me, it's that it's scary how little our experts know. The WHO, in particular, has had its credibility completely destroyed.
I Got Coronavirus Playing Bridge
@Mike Ma several articles have been published the last couple of days indicating the actual Wuhan deaths are estimated to be over 40,000, so it appears my skepticism was well justified.
I Got Coronavirus Playing Bridge
This is fantastic, really some of the most important data we need right now.

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