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Ed Davis
Ed Davis
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Feb. 4, 2012
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Nov. 30
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about me

I am a retired software developer. I grew up, went to school and worked in Southern California. I live in Seal Beach, CA with my wife (Jamie), son (Michael), daughter (Sara) and our one year-old terrier (Gryffin [pictured]).

When I was introduced to bridge in my middle teens, I was fortunate that video games were not yet around to be a competing interest. My life as a teenager, like that of most of my friends, revolved around girls and sports. Little did I know then that the game of bridge would subsequently have a huge impact on my life (spouse, friends, vacations, free time spent playing, reading and thinking about bridge).

The reward from playing bridge for me is the sense of accomplishment that comes from doing something well. Bridge is, to me, constantly challenging and never boring. I also find bridge theory intriguing – in particular trying to think of more effective ways of bidding.

United States of America

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Jill Meyers, Sid Brownstein, Mitch Dunitz, John Swanson
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How do you plan to bid this hand?
I like this hand for notrump considerably better when the opening lead is coming up to my hand (i.e., when I open 1 and rebid 2NT over partner's 1M response). When partner bids 1NT over my opening 1 bid, it is more likely that diamonds will ...
Investigating After Opener's Raise
What's this X? (I believe I know the answer, but conflicting claims have been made).
Many years ago Eddie Kantar suggested that the auction of (1) P (1NT) P (2) X might effectively be played as either penalty or a light takeout. I believe this suggestion was made before the opponent's frequently began playing the 1NT response as forcing or semi-forcing (i ...
What's this X? (I believe I know the answer, but conflicting claims have been made).
One could choose to define a 2 balance to show, as Craig suggests, takeout with three spades. Without discussion, I would assume that this 2 bid showed length in spades and and not enough values to compete until the opponents found a fit and stopped in 2 ...
What's this X? (I believe I know the answer, but conflicting claims have been made).
Everybody can be right. There is a need to for responder to contest the auction with a 3=2=3=5 hand and 8 HCP when no initial action was right and there is a need to take what is available to you when you hold Kxx KJ9xx x JTxx ...
Investigating After Opener's Raise
Investigating After Opener's Raise
Investigating After Opener's Raise
What should be the “weakest action” over a 2!s transfer to !c or a 2NT transfer to !d over a 1NT opening?
2 and 2NT, for me, usually show a one-suited minor that is weak or strong. However, with the addition of a little complexity, they can be used to ask for opener's range or to show a one-suited minor that is invitational. When playing these methods, the opener’s ...
Voting for new KBA name
Peg, I hadn't thought of it in that way - it does kind of sound like directions to where the mental health clinic is located. I agree with you that the name needs to be revised. And I don't think the positive effect of bridge on mental health will ...

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