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Ed Davis
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Feb. 4, 2012
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about me

I am a retired software developer. I grew up, went to school and worked in Southern California. I live in Seal Beach, CA with my wife (Jamie), son (Michael), daughter (Sara) and our one year-old terrier (Gryffin [pictured]).

When I was introduced to bridge in my middle teens, I was fortunate that video games were not yet around to be a competing interest. My life as a teenager, like that of most of my friends, revolved around girls and sports. Little did I know then that the game of bridge would subsequently have a huge impact on my life (spouse, friends, vacations, free time spent playing, reading and thinking about bridge).

The reward from playing bridge for me is the sense of accomplishment that comes from doing something well. Bridge is, to me, constantly challenging and never boring. I also find bridge theory intriguing – in particular trying to think of more effective ways of bidding.

United States of America

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The first step is a doozy
LHO is not going to also duck the second spade when he started with Kxxx as that just lets you a) when you started with 3 clubs, ruff another club, cash the spade ace and make the hand when even when hearts do not come home if you can win ...
The first step is a doozy
My first thought was a small spade at T2 but I just didn't see how it was going to gain. And it would lose a possible making contract if RHO has five spades or if either hand has the spade king and five hearts and could thus give his ...
The first step is a doozy
Everybody makes it if the hearts come home. LHO can't do anything about that. My point is that LHO never gains by ducking the second spade and thus (barring distraction by the dogs) he will win the second spade and return a third spade which will deny you the ...
Recommended Auctions for a Likely Slam Hand
I would be quite disappointed to find myself on lead against 2 doubled so I would not be willing to start with a double. I prefer to bid 3 asking for a stopper over 2, then to bid 4 over any minimum bid by partner (including ...
BBO Dealer scripts
What fun! Many may think I am joking but I am not. Creating a complex script like this and then getting it to eventually behave and produce just as you intended leads to satisfaction and a significant sense of accomplishment.
Play a three no trump
Paul mentioned above that the lesson on this hand is to bid better. To that end, North would have done better to jump to 3 on his second turn. South would then rebid 3NT with a source of tricks but would (should) to raise to 4 with excellent ...
BBO Dealer scripts
Dealer also accepts the syntax "not shape(south, any 4333)" or "! shape(south, any 4333)". I haven't tried the syntax Paul suggests but it is good to know if that also works. Edit: I just tried it and it works fine. Thanks, Paul.
Book recommendation please (or other material)
Schenken was quite an optimist.
Fit Non-Jump or Natural Non-Forcing
Craig, I know you like Andrew Robson’s ideas because you frequently cite them as if they should guide the reader’s thinking. But, as you surely know, his book is not the only book and good players don’t necessarily accept everything Robson recommends as the best way to ...
Book recommendation please (or other material)
Annie is too kind.

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