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Ed Shapiro
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May 28, 2011
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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NABC winner NA Swiss Teams 1989
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Harrisburg Bridge Club
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Kaplan-Sheinwold, Blue Team Club systems
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What does this bid mean?
Do you play strong jump-shifts? If so, why does your example hand not qualify for an immediate 2?
Are you in shape? We weren't
As east, I bid 3, because it's natural bridge, absent lengthy discussions about follow-ups to many investigatory conventions. It's a test for me, an opponent, to be polite and avoid a major case of the giggles as EW try to untie the knot into which they've ...
Yet another "Is pass forcing"?
For partner to have that hand, you must play 1 P 4 as some kind of conventional bid. If our style is to set traps for ourselves, I guess we'd have agreed that this type of auction is not forcing. But isn't it normal that when ...
For years -- my regular partner and I played this long before it had a name -- a jump response, even 4 on this auction, was forcing. With less, we'd bid 2N, then bid game. Perhaps not most efficient, but very difficult to confuse, and I don't recall a ...
Open Philadelphia Discussion Thread
See also: LaBan is the Inquirer's restaurant critic and usually is spot on with recommendations.
2NT overcall of a Multi 2!D
Wastefully, perhaps, extended strong NT values in a hand with tricks, likely a decent suit somewhere, as opposed to a more amorphous hand of similar high card strength, that doubles.
Meaning of 2NT
I'm naïve about Good-Bad auctions, but why is it necessary here, after south has passed over 2? Assume it's not a psychic or semi-psychic control. And why not 3 at North's second turn? Given north's hand, on this auction, south will have 4 ...
1!H-1N; 2!H-2!S
For casual partnerships, after 1 - 1N - 2: Raise to 3 is better than an immediate simple raise with 3 trumps; 2 has similar high card values with 2 trumps. Mnemonic is 3 shows 3-card length.
Meaning of 2NT response to 2!C?
2 is natural, 2N shows 5+ controls, forcing to slam. Doesn't come up very frequently, but have had easy auctions when it has.
Some help needed.
Seems right to me. But, if I'm to agree play them, they do not absolutely deny 3-card support -- only show 3-card support in a hand worth a raise. Thus, it denies a flat, minimum opening with poor honor distribution.

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