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Eddie Grove
Eddie Grove
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Dec. 15, 2017
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17 hours ago
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about me

I am an intermediate player. 

I have degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science.


I live in Santa Clara, California, USA.

Bridge Information

Favorite Conventions
I propose than in any auction including 4N, a subsequent 5N should be to play.
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Which carding situation is this?
Vinje described some similar situations, with the rule that the discouraging card is 3rd lowest. When partner plays the 8, that cannot be a 4 card suit. That doesn't always help, but it would here.
Nasty preempt
I am a loon who thinks that when you want partner to raise with Qxx you should bid your suit. I'd start with 3, continue with RKC over a raise, and then offer a grand slam try when all keys are accounted for. Whether you can judge between ...
"Systems on" or "Front of card" after NT overcall
Part of the benefit of putting the opener on lead is in making the opening lead guess harder. Double-dummy sims don't account for this.
On computer versus hand shuffling
I've been restraining myself so as not to increase my blood pressure. 7 human shuffles isn't conceivably enough. 10 might be, but I wouldn't bet anything important that it is. From the actual paper: "Despite this range of available techniques, there are some shuffling methods for which ...
Most east-west pairs got in the auction. Should they have
I was out when the rule did not address vulnerability.
Quotes About Bridge (Or might have been)
I thought those were the 3 laws of thermodynamics. Wikipedia calls it Ginsberg's theorem and had a a reference to something similar much earlier in Astounding Science Fiction from 1956. [url][/url]
Bot Forum: Help Needed for Bot Programmer
Timo, wbridge5 gives count, *all* the time before trick 7 except it may play low from a high doubleton. If you lead up to AKJT9x in dummy, the defender will give you count telling you whether to finesse.
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: AKxx --- Axxx AKxxx
Bidding 6 is lazy. You should have an agreement to show something extra if you have 3+ keys, such as queen ask or #kings or specific king/missing king or whatever. The true power of autowood is this sort of extra information.
Hesitation Blackwood
It is possible to play that 5N and the return to 5M ask different questions of a partner who holds 3 or 4 keys. The hesitation could mean RKCer is unsure of which question to ask.
Take them all
Suppose we see the J fall under the A. Then A, A [seeing the J drop], A, x ruffed high, Q [hoping it does not get ruffed], x ruffed high. Then the situation should be, with lead in hand, T95 A32 4 - 862 Q4 - K4 Now we are able to ...

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