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Eddie Grove
Eddie Grove
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Dec. 15, 2017
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about me

I am an intermediate player with occasional flashes of competence. I started playing in the 1980s and was briefly an ACBL member before I got sick of their bidding restrictions, such as making it illegal to open 1N showing 15-18 while allowing upgrades of good 14s and downgrades of bad 19s.


I have degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science.


I live in Santa Clara, California, USA.

Bridge Information

Favorite Conventions
I propose than in any auction including 4N, a subsequent 5N should be to play.
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Quotes About Bridge (Or might have been)
I thought those were the 3 laws of thermodynamics. Wikipedia calls it Ginsberg's theorem and had a a reference to something similar much earlier in Astounding Science Fiction from 1956. [url][/url]
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Timo, wbridge5 gives count, *all* the time before trick 7 except it may play low from a high doubleton. If you lead up to AKJT9x in dummy, the defender will give you count telling you whether to finesse.
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: AKxx --- Axxx AKxxx
Bidding 6 is lazy. You should have an agreement to show something extra if you have 3+ keys, such as queen ask or #kings or specific king/missing king or whatever. The true power of autowood is this sort of extra information.
Hesitation Blackwood
It is possible to play that 5N and the return to 5M ask different questions of a partner who holds 3 or 4 keys. The hesitation could mean RKCer is unsure of which question to ask.
Take them all
Suppose we see the J fall under the A. Then A, A [seeing the J drop], A, x ruffed high, Q [hoping it does not get ruffed], x ruffed high. Then the situation should be, with lead in hand, T95 A32 4 - 862 Q4 - K4 Now we are able to ...
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How embarrassing. You're right, of course. Getting the hand leading wrong is the same mental block I had before.
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So if you start A, A, K, Q, you are at a crossroads. If you come to hand with a spade, you give up on the position I called (1) above. Under what conditions would you play for the trump squeeze? I can't see when I would play RHO ...
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Oops. In case (2) above you need to have the lead in North, and I don't see how to achieve that if you ruffed a diamond and a club, so this does not work if diamonds split 5-3.
Take them all
You only need xxxxx with K for RHO as well. I see two approaches. (1) Simple squeezes, HK and (a) long diamonds vs LHO or (b) long clubs vs RHO (2) Trump squeeze. K and long diamonds in the same hand. I can't figure out how to combine them ...
Is 1M(in first/second seat)-2m;3m passable, in Standard bidding? (Opps are silent)
In Sheinwold's _5 weeks to winning bridge_ 1M - 2m ; 3m shows extras. "This promises good trumps and about 15 to 17 points in support. You would avoid getting up to the level of three with only 12 to 14 points."
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