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Eduard Velecky
Eduard Velecky
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March 19, 2012
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May 22
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about me

In "civilian" life I have devoted to IT technology, nuclear medicine and crisis management.  My hobby is books, mainly history (military, political and cultural) or scifi / fantasy. I like to programming.

In bridge longstanding member of the presidency of the Slovak Bridge Association, chairman of the qualification commission, administrator of the SBA website. Author of many regularly used bridge programs. Multiple champion of the country, member of the winning team in 11 of the last 12 team competitions. Slovak national player (before czechslovak and czech national player).


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2019 USBC Semifinals Set
I apologize, but I have a small historical chapter about name Kriegel. František Kriegel was a Czechoslovak politician, physician, and a member of the Communist Party reform wing of Prague Spring (1968). He was the only one of the political leaders who during the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in ...
Which is the agreed trumf suit (part II)?
Puppet Stayman is possible with 5-4: 2nt-3-3 (no 5 or 4 cards major)-3 (5cards and 3-4cards). But with 5-4 you miss 3cards fit.
Which is the agreed trumf suit (part II)?
Transfer is not GF, super accept is other bid than 3, 3 promise 2+, usually deny 4cards in hearts
Which is the agreed trumf suit?
Your cards is for example xx, Kx, KQxxx, AJxx. Your bid after 3 is?
Which is the agreed trumf suit?
Jacoby, GF with 4+.
Which is the agreed trumf suit?
Sorry. Bidding system is 2/1 with some small modification. For this poll 2 is game forcing.
Buffett Cup 2019 - Individual and Overall Result
Sorry, I don't want to hate, but for me Buffet Cup is an uninteresting, opaque and useless competition.
Suit combination: QJ8x opposite A7xxx
Another good option is to find out the real chance for your contract. For example you play 6spades and your trump suit is Kxx opposite J98xx.
Suit combination: QJ8x opposite A7xxx
This universal tool is essential for any experienced player. Even the best players are mistaken in some combinations. The mistake is not great, but it can also play its role. Example: J5 opposite AQ7642. Best play for making 5 tricks? Solution:
Suit combination: QJ8x opposite A7xxx
I recomend online program Bridge Cards Combination Analyzer

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