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Dec. 12, 2010
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The Club's Coffee-Housing
I can't really be bothered to read the whole thread but: 1. If your opponents are decent enough to recognize the situation, how can you possibly read anything into it. They wouldn't actually be thinking of playing the Queen... 2. If you have a 100% read that with ...
Edward Jones's bidding problem: AQJ7x Kxx --- K9xxx
Does it matter :)? Hand 30 of session 2.
Is N/S damaged?
Bit of an aside but in a social pairs game without convention cards, I would have mentioned to the opponents that XX showed . 1 was natural, it was East's best suit opposite a take out double. So there's no damage there.
The non World Wide Bridge Contest
Agree with the sport comment, though not sure whether bridge being a sport has any impact on whether qualifiers here were treated properly. I'd think it was an equal farce if the Monopoly World Final had been rearranged continuously like this. I think I would have been a little ...
Fantoni, Buratti, Lanzarotti & Co. in Milan
Pretty sad to see...
Fleisher and Martel Lead Blue Ribbon Pairs
Well if you only take joy in winning - maybe. I would have thought the majority would relish to opportunity to play against the best in the world.
ATB - reaching a bad slam
I'm not overjoyed with 3 given 1 is almost never 4. But I do have a stiff ...
ATB - reaching a bad slam
Well their partner did double 5H.
ATB - reaching a bad slam
Right, yes, so it is (making) :). Not much else to play for!
ATB - reaching a bad slam
40% feels high. And it's not making on this layout surely?
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