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Eitan Levy
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July 3, 2013
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about me

Formerly, Assistant Chief TD of EBL and Chief TD of European Youth Championships,

Reviewer EBL Championships

Member, Executive Committee of EBL

Chairman, EBL Rules & Regulation Committee

Chairman, EBL TD Committee


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Thanks Roy. I have also heard positive reviews about visiting Azerbaijan but I understand that the hotel has informed the organizer that there is a law against gambling and that therefore bridge would not be allowed. I swill forward your remarks and suggestion to the organizer of the tour.
Paul - my partner also says don't play bridge, and I don't take that advice!
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
Where did you get this information from? The table director was not removed from his EBL job by anyone at any time and is still directing in EBL and WBF events.
2019 European Open, 15-29 June, Istanbul
Arithmetic, David, not clothing size. There were 85 tables needed for the 2014 Opatija Teams Championship. The Open Championship will need more than double that. In Montecatini there were nearly 200 tables playing at the same time.
Looking for hand records - R27, EC 1997, Montecatini
What an unthinking and insulting comment, implying that the EBL will keep secret hands that might show cheating. The EBL recorded and made available all the material from Opatija that was used in the crowd sourcing in the cases against the cheaters. True, there was not much action until Boye ...
World Youth Team Championships August 8-18 2018
Once upon a time in the EBL and WBF, there was a recorder at every table recording the bidding, each card played and the result. This resulted in piles of paper records that hardly anybody ever looked at. A waste of manpower, time, paper and money. It was stopped about ...
Puposely revoking
Sorry, badly worded. I meant 'score' not 'revoke' and should have written "correction of score following revoke" and not "correction of revoke". The OP was about correcting the score not the revoke. In practice 64C1 allows adjusting the score even if the time limits set in 64B4 and 64B5 have ...
Puposely revoking
Law 64C1specifically gives the TD the right to award an adjusted score based on the result that would have been obtained without the revoke, even if the time limit of correction of the score following a revoke has passed. (There may be other regulations for that event that set time ...
Weak raise of Doubled Major Alertable?
Rosalind - read the WBF Alert Policy carefully, especially item #2. Non-conventional (=natural?) bids can be alertable "Those bids which have special meanings or which are based on or lead to special understandings between the partners" are alertable.
FS sentencing from IBF
Ellis: .."however what exactly does the IBF do in 5 years time, when a European championship is held in Israel" FS are banned for life from representing Israel. So the IBF would select a team that could not include FS. The same would apply to a European Championship held anywhere ...
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