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Emily Middleton
Emily Middleton
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Sept. 8, 2015
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14 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Ex-junior (though I've now been playing longer as an 'oldie'). I play mostly in and around Oxford, occasionally national events.. My bridge took a bit of a nose-dive when I had my son, but I'm trying to play again!

I'm a software engineer, recently moved out of finance to a global information and analytics company.

United Kingdom

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Oxford, Menagerie, Abingdon, Wallingford, Wantage
Favorite Tournaments
Azores under 30 (though now hoping they'll increase the age limit)
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tea lady
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Changing The Guard - attracting younger players
I played at my local club last night,, and talked about my health problems (bad back). I'm 32!
Does anyone know what time it is?
I know Ray, just making it clear for anyone else reading I'm not sitting on some secret stash of personal data :-)
Does anyone know what time it is?
For the record the only data I have used is that published by the ACBL, e.g. at the end of No home addresses :-) Although it's public, if I do anything more exciting with this data I will anonymise ...
Does anyone know what time it is?
Peg: here is the full breakdown, someone who knows the area better than me can say how these should be lumped together. (maybe when I get back from the beach I'll calculate '~ distance travelled') Champaign: Alton: 4 Aurora: 1 Avon: 2 Ballwin: 1 Belleville: 2 Belvidere: 2 Bensenville: 1 ...
Does anyone know what time it is?
Some statistics (because I love statistics): Number of unique players: Champaign: 351 Coralville: 235 Chicago: 416 Players from the city of the regional (note this is only exact matches - others may be from very near by and my knowledge of US geography is limited): Champaign: 37 Coralville: 9 Chicago: 132 ...
Playing with Sandra years ago she made what she referred to as a "Landy game try", so I've heard it from the horse's mouth!
Bridge with the Baroness
I probably should have mentioned no-one was vulnerable. I was playing with someone in their twenties, who probably would open with a ten high suit
Analysis and Visualization - 54th EBTC
One of my proudest moments in bridge came from a terrible set. In the Junior Euros we got absolutely battered by I think Poland. My partner was nearly in tears. Our coach asked if we were ok to play the next set, we had a hug and went back out ...
Analysis and Visualization - 54th EBTC
Awesome! I did some Vugraph analysis a while back ( and intended to translate that to something like Tableau that non-technical people could explore. But life got in the way. Perhaps you'd be interested in seeing if we could combine our efforts?
What should the selectors do?
I don't know enough about the relative standard of Scottish players to comment :-) It's not applicable to the question that Richard asked, since England qualified for all three. But in general I can imagine a scenario where an excellent pair played for a team that didn't qualify ...

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