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public letter to Sr. Giannarigo Rona
Well said, Mike. The problem is that when dealing with shameless person(s), words have zero force. G.R. has proved that no matter who thinks what of him, he feels zero shame. Bridge federations along with world class players must either force WBF to resign, or establish an alternative ...
Question about Bridge World Standard control bidding
Yes, but irrelevant. After major suit agreement following a two-over-one response, many pairs treat three notrump as some form of S3NT. So, it may the case that responder has values in hearts and/or in spades but lack the required strength to bid three notrump. The point is, in the ...
Question about Bridge World Standard control bidding
Who says four diamonds cannot be Last Train? What if responder has a useful hand with values in hearts and spades? Or, say 4-4-3-2 with A-K-Q-x in hearts.
What does this bid mean?
Rather, not bidding three diamonds with that holding is unacceptable.
Showing spades after 1m (1!H)
In that structure, what is 1NT (I guess natural), 2C, 2D, and 2S?
Preference on how to treat this hand?
I am willing to bet that in an expert field, only few, if at all, would embarrass themselves by not opening with one notrump.
What Is Partner Showing?
After the partnership sequence one minor — one major, there are hands that opener would like to raise to three, but bids two because it would be a bit of a stretch. This two spades is that two spades.
Assess the Blame: getting to 6!C
@Craig, “control-bid” was just a general remark. North should have done [i]something[/i].
Ethical or not?
I remember a similar story of a top player (Barry Crane? Vic Mitchell? I am not sure.) who bid 7NT (could be 6NT) to get a zero for a similar reason and then went on to win the tournament. Those who claim that the suggested behavior is unethical, should first ...
Dear WBF President
John, what is much more disturbing and worrisome is that bridge federations, including EBL, seem to be okay with all of these. The Italian president guardianangels his countrymen, and they don't even react.
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