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Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.


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Fantoni live on BBO
BBO never had such concerns.
In Response to Game-Try
I would have mentioned that also. In this instance, no special agreements.
In Response to Game-Try
If three clubs had any special meaning except natural game-invitation, I would have mentioned it.
ATP- Match Points
East (long spade hand) can find a lawyer defending his case; but no lawyer I know of would be willing to defend West.
@Michael I mostly agree with our analysis. Except the part where you say: [B]So two hearts is either a one-suiter with worry OUTSIDE of hearts OR (maybe) four-card clubs that wanted to bid three clubs next—as opposed to direct three clubs which we might want to depict five-card ...
@Michael: I am not necessarily arguing that three clubs is not forcing. But considering that after the partnership sequence, say, 1 - 1 - 1NT, people have a way to [B]invite[/B] in clubs (or diamonds) suggests that the case in discussion [B]may not be[/B] as certain ...
Whether or not three clubs is a better overall description, and partnership agreements aside, is it absolutely certain that three clubs is forcing? Obviously, two clubs would be non-forcing; so how does East invite with clubs and diamonds?
With that, West would bid two notrump over two hearts.
New suit forcing after overcall or not?
I believe this overall problem is not simply a matter of agreement, but rather of logic and science. As Michael Lawrence said in his book, once the opponents opened the bidding, our first concern is to find a playable part-score, rather than being able to bid the games—if there ...
A Series of Polls (Part 1)
While conducting this poll, I was almost certain that except the few outcasts none would opine for non-forcing. (1) Because a typical responder would deliver 5-6-plus, a typical strong jump-shift would be (can be) roughly defined as a hand with an equivalent of 19-plus. (So 19-plus bit is not an ...
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