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Eric Dong
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Sept. 28, 2016
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When I first learned bridge when I was in high school, me and 3 other newbies joined the interschool bridge tournament, along with another team from our school which was much more experienced. The tournament consisted of a swiss round, then the top teams from swiss round go into double elimination. During the swiss round my partner bid 4S instead of 4D because somehow he thinks his diamonds are spades. We did not get doubled, contract goes down 3, we got a positive IMP. And at the end we barely get through the swiss round because of that game. Somehow the experienced team did not even get through, this gave me great confidence. "Maybe I am talented in this game." I thought. Then we proceeded to lose 2 games in a row in the double elimination round. Game Over.
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Break from the US Open Trials: Report on a Junior's first tournament hand!
Not sure about your friend but I would be much more nervous and make more accidents if my bridge teacher is kibbing me on my first bridge tournament.
Statement by declarer " I am not going down a lot" is not a claim says committee.
Disagree. Declarer’s comment towards the hand before claiming/finishing the hand can be and should be ignored by defenders and have zero effect on the result of the hand.
Is this alertable (T-Walsh)
we bid 1 with this hand. Do we alert 1? or 2? or both?
Eric Dong's lead problem: AQ K754 QJ QJT87
Full hand: Lead was Q. Declarer believed that S had long and therefore misplayed to reach down 3. Other table played 3NT from the other side due to weak NT opening agreement and N lead a small , 3N was made. I believe that ...
Eric Dong's bidding problem: AKQ9 T97 J753 74
Full hand - Result: 1NTS+1 Was trying to convince S to not bid 1NT in this position...
Eric Dong's bidding problem: A42 532 T98632 J
Full hand: Partner agreement was lebensohl, so S should bid 2NT. Regardless, N would have bid 3NT over S's 2NT response. I am wondering if there is any improvement that can be done to the bidding to find the superior 5 game.
New form of "bridge" with NO disclosure
Agree. But once we eliminate possibilities of cheating and UI with help from newer technologies, I believe no-disclosure bridge would be a very interesting game. It also eliminates many of the existing problems such as "when to disclose" and "what to disclose".
Is this system bad or illegal? (EDIT)
Definitely illegal in ACBL land with the 0-7HCP 2M preempts, other opening bids are legal imo. Not sure how effective the 1 or 1 opening will workout but as others have said, it could look bad as of now, but with some time and practice, you can definitely ...
Not sure how to bid without special agreements. Playing transfer lebensohl over 2 - X, W can bid 3 showing 5+ inv or better, E accepts invite and bids 4, W can consider moving further.
Double shot ?
I would really like to get some explanations and insights from the experts who think that a 4 bid was the obvious bid over 3 as long as that N knows 3 is probably not natural. With p's re-opening double you know that the HCP is ...

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