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Collegiate Spring Online Tournament Results
If for some reason, the 4th place team doesn't get a travel package during the next collegiate qualifier, I'd suggest starting a gofundme page with a link on bridgewinners (or something along those lines). Need young players to take up bridge - I'd be happy to help fund ...
To bid or not to bid?
The biggest issue here isn't with 3H/Pass decision, it's with the laws. The most ethical thing to do is to bid 3H and call the director. If both 3D and 3H are going down 1 (unlikely, but possible), then the opponents would be damaged by the Pass ...
Best defense against Big Club?
My preferred as well, although over the negative 1D, have a slight preference for RCASH, so the double shows either majors or minors
Nell and Savchenko Win Mixed Pairs
Congratulations to Igor and Nell! Not to be overlooked, congrats to Bridgewinners' own Greg Humphreys (and Jenni Carmichael) after winning last year, coming up top 10 again this year!
Best Hand Held After Partner Opens
Agree...which makes it tough for responder to know where to land. As it turns out, opener held: AKxx Jxxxxx Kx x Even when responder finds out about the Ace, hard to know if should bid 7 (may not be able to get back to opener for a red K ...
Best Hand Held After Partner Opens
There was a pretty big hand in the final session of the Lebhar IMP pairs this weekend. East opens 1H. West holds a 3 loser 21HCP hand: xxx AK A AKQJTxx
Looking for Strong Club systems
My regular partner and I follow the treatment in Precision Today by Berkowitz and Manley. 1H relay to 1S allows for various strong hand descriptions.
Open DC Discussion Thread
While I am saddened that I was only able to play this past Fri-Mon at the NABC, I am happy to say that it was an incredibly fun experience. While playing reasonably well is a plus, the highlight of the four days was deciding to play in the Spingold. I ...
Laughing Out Loud in Atlanta
John, thanks for the comment. By all means, let's expand beyond Atlanta. I'd love to hear any funny stories where you actually laughed out loud at the table.

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