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Eric Hamilton
Eric Hamilton
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Jan. 19, 2017
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24 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Once introduced two of my regular partners to one another. Two of the three participants in this interaction believe that it turned out well.
Bridge Accomplishments
“I think there cannot be said too little on the subject" - Jane Austen
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Eric's generic 2/1 card
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Where to Sit?
Sit to the left of your strong opponent.... and coach your partner to preempt aggressively.
John Torrey's bidding problem: T54 Q832 KQ6 AT6
This is pretty close, but at matchpoints do you want to be in a 25-at-best 3N with a hand this flat?
John Torrey's bidding problem: 92 KJ74 --- AKJ6532
There’s no reason to think that 3N won’t make and no reason to think that 6C will, so no reason to move over 3N.
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: KT84 64 KT843 AJ
Fair enough - this hand is just a microskosh under this partnership’s requirement for an opener.
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: KT84 64 KT843 AJ
More often a balancng 1N is coming from an unpassed hand
Crowd-Sourcing the Bridge World's March 2020 MSC Contest
Many many years ago, back in Usenet days, for a while I was part of a group of intermediate players collaborating on the MSC. The collective did MUCH better than any one individual within it: no one’s initial set of answers would have scored better than the high 600s ...
Crowd-Sourcing the Bridge World's March 2020 MSC Contest
> So what happened? I leaned a lot. Can’t speak for my anonymous collaborators, but I’d bet they did too.
Rate mY Idiocy
Terence Reese described this play in one of his books... of course it works in the book. The only time I got to try it, my partner as dummy knew exactly what I was doing but RHO with both aces didn't count the spades and assumed that the trey ...
How do you like to play 2!D here?
Different how?
Eric Hamilton's lead problem: J8 K73 A42 JT875
Yes, and if I had chosen the winning one I mght not have posted the problem :) But I am curious - what thought process swayed you to the diamond ace?

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