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Eric Hamilton
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Jan. 19, 2017
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ATB - missed game
> Have you seen NS cards? Do they matter? :) The results merchants will, without pause for self-reflection, consider this to be a rhetorical question. But even Hamlet might consider that the 4S bid puts enough pressure on EW that it can win even when it's theoretically unsound.
Best line for this slam
I'm throwing a club on the first diamond and trying for six heart tricks... but is my RHO capable of ducking the first diamond with A8xxx or A9xxx?
Are you in shape? We weren't
You are better off because now you can bid out with 3H and partner can sensibly decide whether to move past 3N to a minor-suit game or slam. By contrast, if you bid 3H directly partner must give up on either 3N or minor-suit exploration. The lopsided result of this ...
Would you rebid 1NT?
There is a call that says "I'm not thrilled by your hearts and have nothing more than the opening bid I've already told you about". 1NT is not that call.
ATB - Undoubled contract
For what it's worth, DeepFinesse says that 2C is down two if the defense starts with a trump lead. Anything else does allow east to get out for down one.
ATB - Undoubled contract
I want to check two options in the poll: "North should double 2C" and "Your system is bad", so abstained.
Tablets with a table feel
Looking to collect a complete play record for every hand? I can see the value in that.
How to play 3NT at Matchpoints
It appears that North started with two spade deuces?
What does this double mean?
The club bidder has good clubs and is aware of the risks... but is also betting on the likely distribution of missing clubs and cards between his partner and his LHO. 3C may be a good bet with positive expectation, but some days good bets don't come in. Partner ...
Steaming tendencies part 2: part score vs game
> You pick up a hand which you judge totally borderline, in terms of the percentages and risk reward of whether to settle for a part score or bid a game. I had to abstain, because there is always SOMETHING that will tip the choice one way or another, even if ...

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