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Eric Hamilton
Eric Hamilton
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Jan. 19, 2017
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15 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Once introduced two of my regular partners to one another. Two of the three participants in this interaction believe that it turned out well.
Bridge Accomplishments
“I think there cannot be said too little on the subject" - Jane Austen
Favorite Conventions
“Having methods just tempts partner to do something profoundly stupid”
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Eric's generic 2/1 card
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Quote found on Bridgebum
Reported by Alan Sontag in “The Bridge Bum”.... also the first place I saw Robert’s Rules in print.
The return of the who's to blame series
That suggests that the responses over interference are best structured in such a way that responder won’t pass a hand that would act over a non-precision opening bid and interference, does it not?
The return of the who's to blame series
No matter what ranges are assigned to actions over RHO’s initial double (I think 0-5 is awkwardly wide, but that’s just me) reevaluation and upgrading/downgrading is critical. Whether a queen is well or badly placed isn’t likely to change whether a 16-HCP hand is suitable for ...
UBD Judge
> ex-teammates for Columbus You meant “teammates for ex-Columbus”, did you not?
NABC Coronavirus Precautions
here it is
NABC Coronavirus Precautions
> I don't see why ACBL should be blamed. The question is not whether the ACBL should be blamed, but whether it will be blamed. It will.
NABC Coronavirus Precautions
> Have there been any peer-reviewed evidenced-based studies that confirm that playing cards....? Not that I am aware of, but many years ago I found myself playing at a local club game with someone who was considering doing this as a thesis topic. She was considering specifically pairs movements, which are ...
NABC Coronavirus Precautions
Face to face play with tablets is possible in principle - give everyone their own deck of cards, they make up their own hand at the beginning of each board based on the tablet display, play in the normal fashion, hang onto their own cards and repeat on the next board ...
NABC Coronavirus Precautions
A duplicate bridge event is unusual in that the participants will lovingly fondle a collection of thirteen sample swabs for several minutes, then pass them on to someone else who will do the same... Other coronaviruses are known to survive on surfaces for days, so I’d be concerned about ...
Where to Sit?
Sit to the left of your strong opponent.... and coach your partner to preempt aggressively.

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