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Eric Hamilton
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Jan. 19, 2017
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Morton's Fork
The ace lead asks for an attitude signal, but after dummy comes down with the QJxx east cannot have an encouraging holding. In situations like this, where the attitude is now known, does it not make sense to assign some other meaning to east's card?
Greg Lawler's bidding problem: Q AJ86543 KJ2 K9
Was the void (hypothetically) signaled before or after I bid 3H?
John Torrey's bidding problem: --- KQ982 AQJ975 Q3
In a club duplicate.... If partner is expecting me to play to win this match, pass is the odds-on call. That didn't stop me from bidding 6N.
A simple proposal to improve the game while earning clubs/directors extra income
> Not to mention that, if it costs bridge players anything at all to get their CC copied they will make sure to bring them henceforth. Not only have you accurately assessed the general stinginess of the average club player, but you may also have exposed the ulterior motive behind the ...
3-level responses to 1NT
What are the continuations after the singleton-showing 3H and 3S? And is 45 in the minors acceptable for these calls or must it be 56?
Other because it depends on the alerting rules where you're playing. Also Other because even if the alert isn't required, there's no reason not to issue it if playing online and self-alerting both opponents but not partner. And voted for "just bridge" as well.
I remember playing on OKbridge many many years back.... 100+ kibitzers (and no, they weren't there to watch me) when I held a 19-count in this situation.... jump-shifted into 3C on exactly this club holding.... messaged kibitzers "Gotta love that SAYC - no forcing minor raise"...
Ruling please
> I admit I'm not sure what "qualitative" means here, but I defintely see a quantitative difference. The number of players who know to lead the Q from Qxx is far greater than the number who know to lead the 9 from J9xx. An additional consideration is that the players ...
Bridge logic - what does this auction suggest?
Without the interference, over 2S: 3H other major would have have agreed spades and forced to game, stronger than a direct 4S; 4C over 2S would have been RKCB for spades; 4D undiscussed
Bridge logic - what does this auction suggest?
2S showed 4 (or 5) spades, same as if west had passed. Double by north would have been penalty.

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