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Eric Hamilton
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Jan. 19, 2017
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We blocked them at MPs
A worthy doubleton is one that hasn’t been led
but partner, I only had 2 points, and one of them was worthless!
Only a walrus would think "only two points", but there's something to be said for thinking "nine losers.... count them again... yes, that's NINE". Bidding game is basically rolling the dice on the amount of diamond wastage. Vulnerable at IMPs we don't need 50% and I'd ...
I'd choose double (let's not lose the hearts) or 2S (in the passout seat a spade suit and values like this) over 1S, so that's my "friends want help with the deal" answer. I think the interesting question is not how to get to game but how ...
Permissible enquiry?
Marty, I think you’ve identified a flaw in the wording of the laws rather than a convincing basis for resolving the question (but in any case reminded me of the limitations of textualism as a method of statutory interpretation). If the drafters really intended to exclude knowledge of tendencies ...
Placing the cards
That will be very much influenced by partner's first-seat and fourth-seat tendencies.
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: Q9732 A42 J4 982
Asking not arguing here, but how are you going to feel if the auction continues 3H by your LHO and 4H by RHO? And what will you do over 4H?
What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
In unsophisticated club games I have often encountered opponents who play the devastatingly effective Hesitation Defense against our weak NT. The most effective counter that I've found is to politely ask "Do we all agree that there was a break in tempo here?" at the time of the hesitation.
IMPed Pairs: towards a better datum
> The poor pair who's only crime was sitting in the wrong place at the wrong time lost a punitive 11 imps. That seems somewhat inherent in the pairs format, does it not? The problem is that there are “right places” and “wrong places” and these are assigned by chance ...
Is this a way to run an organization?
>Have you ever sat down... BTDT, often >Fewer than 10% want to improve their game. Right around 90% want advice on how to win the most pigmented Masterpoints in the shortest amount of time And they are remarkably reluctant to consider the proposition that improving their game is an effective ...
Is this a way to run an organization?
> 1 huge KO and a bunch of consolation events for those that don't cut it... How about one huge multi-day stratified Swiss event? Multi-day would allow 24 or 36 boards per round which greatly reduces the randomness, and the Swiss format keeps everyone engaged throughout.

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