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Eric Hendrickson
Eric Hendrickson
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April 26, 2012
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April 30
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Eric Hendrickson's lead problem: 5 J6 KQJ9843 J97
Yes, Hs are 5:4:2:2 around the table and either the J or 6 of Hs will net you +200 (and lots of cross-IMPs). Any other card will net you -1840 and a loss of many, many cross-imps. Partner's hand was xx AKxxx xxxxx x It looks ...
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: J8 T86 Q9654 952
I have no where to run to.
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: QJ85 AJ92 A642 2
Partner and I would play X as a 3-card support X for Ds, but I think that is an unusual agreement. I'm bidding what I think we can make, 3NT.
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: T83 9763 KQ7 QT9
not even tempted to bid
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: 73 Q8643 Q642 AT
My partner and I play that 3H simply shows a fit. So I would have passed 3H believing that I do not have enough to bid game opposite 14-16 HCPs. After 3H, I X on principle although I do not like my 2 soft Qs.
Andy Stark's bidding problem: 742 JT73 875 AK5
I'm bidding 7H. 7NT is not on my radar as this is IMPs, not MPs. I think partner wants me to choose between 7H and 7S and since my Hs are better that's what I'll bid.
Eric Hendrickson's bidding problem: Q2 KT76 QJ963 J6
Turns out we were on for both 3NT or 4S (on our 5:2) fit on the lie of the cards. Still, my partner thought that 3S, which is what he bid at the table, was far superior to 3NT. I really prefer 3NT here, but concede that maybe it ...
Eric Hendrickson's bidding problem: Q2 KT76 QJ963 J6
The agreement was that 3C was strong, natural and GFing.
Sean McNally's bidding problem: T5 AJ8 K52 K9743
At BAM I sat opposite this hand with a 4:3:5:1 10 count. Our auction was P>1C>1S>1NT>2NT>P down 2 (losing the board when it was PO at the other table). In partner's Def, at IMPs, I would have trotted out XYZ after ...
The Hook
I love the idea of a challenge match between faculty and students. Yes, it could be set up with $$$ or T&E going to a Frat's beer fund or a charity, respectively. Still, to the best of my knowledge, from a campus of 50,000+ students we do not ...
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