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Eric Hochman
Eric Hochman
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Dec. 3, 2013
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May 25, 2018
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about me

Active player since 1985; live in Milwaukee (formerly in NYC).  I don't travel much for bridge these days, but did from '85-'96.  If you were a regular at the Nationals back then, you might remember me.

I like to play a fairly modern 2/1 system modified to use an 11-14 1NT.  I tell people it's Postmodern K-S when asked about it.

United States of America

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2/1 with Strong NT
2 over 1 with Strong NT
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2/1 with Weak NT
2 over 1 with Weak NT
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Would you open 1NT with a void?
I had a pick-up partner do it in a Novice game...the only thing I remember about my hand is I had 5 spades and we were allegedly playing transfers. Auction: 1NT-P-2H-P 4H-X-P-P P Partner opened 1NT, I tried to transfer to spades, and got double-raised in H. The doubler ...
Is Fantunes a good bidding system?
I realize this discussion has been dead for quite a while, but it might be worthwhile to reconsider the question in light of the cheating allegations that have recently been documented against the inventors. It would be quite ironic if a bidding system has gained popularity because its inventors were ...
Eric Hochman's bidding problem: K J8752 AJT8743 ---
I tried went all pass. Not good, since we were on for 4. They got there at the other table by passing initially and later getting an unusual NT in for the reds.
ATB: Missed a Good 5D Game -- How should you get there?
I was South. I thought we were in a GF after 2 cue bids, and I had shown a decent 4-6 in the reds. I was surprised to get passed out in 3D. Thinking about how I might have bid the hand better, I came up with passing the X ...
Aviv Shahaf's bidding problem: KJ7 AQT852 A JT4
I voted for 5 but would be forced to pass if it was a slow 4 bid.
Your Most Unusual Bridge Accomplishments
Hmm...I guess that breaks up the squeeze because you haven't rectified the count. Hard play to find at the table.
Hesitation Issue - How Would You Rule?
Fine, poll edited... Yes, huddlers irritate me; they get away with conveying UI too often.
Hesitation Issue - How Would You Rule?
I'm not sure if it's relevant, but East hesitated because she WAS thinking of doubling, and was in the process of bawling out West for bidding again and going -500, when it was politely pointed out that double would most likely have gotten E/W a hardway -1390.
Hesitation Issue - How Would You Rule?
It's supposed to be a white vs red save, and was until I added the hands in. Edit: And now it is again; figured out how to edit the vulnerability.
Hesitation Issue - How Would You Rule?
The director was called when the 5 bid was made; N/S made the director aware of what had happened and asked for protection. The director was not sure how he would rule (he said that if possible, he would consult with some number of experts to determine whether ...

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