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Sept. 15, 2015
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about me

Club player in the UK. My good results at the local clubs say a lot more about the standards locally than they do about my own modest skills.

United Kingdom

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Light Opening?
Mike, don’t most hands play about a king worse than their actual point count unless you find a fit? Eg 5521 hands are great - but if there’s no fit, they don’t play well at all.
Nursery Rhymes
Maybe change 2nd line to: And West led a low Heart
Light Opening?
I believe it best to play a system where this is an opening bid. If this is technically not an opening in your system, and you decide to open anyway, apologise to your partner if it goes wrong, but then suggest you start including such hands.
Nursery Rhymes
Director Jack Horner Got up from his corner To rule on another bad claim. “I’m ruling one down” He said with a frown “The rules are the rules. What a shame”
The bridge genius John Collings (1933-2005)
The only way I can make sense of the comment is that Collings gave tells (presumably unintentionally) and Cansino picked up on them. So not quite Fischer and Schwartz, but still dodgy (by modern ethical standards at least).
ATB - we pushed them to slam. Again.
We’ll bid, opps. Next hand.
"Fat Finger Syndrome"
On BBO, under ‘account’ and ‘settings’ there are options ‘Confirm bids’ and ‘Confirm plays’. When these are activated you select your bid or play and then have to select an ‘OK’ button to actually make the call/play, so you can look at what have chosen before it gets sent ...
Double dummy problem from actual play
I think a mole squeeze is where one hand has a suit which is not quite good enough to enforce a throw in eg AQ8, but the hand sitting under it is squeezed into throwing an intermediate, thus allowing his partner to be thrown in. So it doesn’t look ...
What Might a “virtual” NABC look like?
I’ve had a similar idea for an anonymised individual. I would be interested to see how many people psych when it is genuinely the case that their partner has no more reason to expect it than the opponents!
Escape from 1NT?
Always transfer and don’t worry about the occasional times when passing would be better.
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