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Eric Kehr
Eric Kehr
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Sept. 15, 2015
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about me

Club player in the UK. My good results at the local clubs say a lot more about the standards locally than they do about my own modest skills.

United Kingdom

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Just another flat board
It is shocking to consider how often top players must be bidding slams off two top tricks given the number of stories which circulate about the ones where they made the contract.
Poll on Psychs - 1
And what of a pair who tick “regularly”, but then don’t psych? They get the benefit of giving the opps something to worry about without actually risking anything.
ABC RKC Igrec Zed
Playing control responses it seems sensible for 3 by opener to show after a 2 or 2 response, and 3 to show after a 2 response, as it allows major suit agreement at the 3 level.
what are the odds
Let's say you are currently at 2M in the bidding and have found a fit. If your choices are Pass and 4M, then knowing how often game makes is a good guide as to what to do. But suppose you have the option of making bids that allow you ...
ABC RKC Igrec Zed
I’ll make whichever bid causes partner to break up with me.
Way to Recover
How do you show the other strong 4441 hands? Bidding the denomination below the singleton, rather than the singleton itself, obviously gives you a cheap bid which you can use as a general ask, or as a sign-off mechanism.
Bridge Cheating Scandal - A New Cheat
I think that’s harsh, Roger. Pete has been a member of this site for years and has been producing content for years. And looking at his posting history, he can hardly be accused of actively promoting his site here. I think he posted this because seeing a robot revoke ...
Defending the 2!c overcall in Multi-Landy / Woolsey
I’m not sure that the coup ought to work in this situation. Yes, the next hand has too many Hearts to make a take out double, but then his partner knows about the length, and so can make a take out double whatever his own length.
What happens after a psych
You don't know anyone who can think for the mandatory 10 seconds and then Pass?
How would you rule?
Why is 4 forcing?
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