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Eric Kokish
Eric Kokish
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June 24, 2010
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Aug. 30, 2017
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Bridge Player
about me

I don't play any more but bridge still takes up most of my working day.I enjoy writing about bridge and working with partnerships serious about improving their game.




Married to Beverly Kraft, my partner in International Bridge Services (our company), since 1986. Our son Matt is an athlete and involved with different sports as a player and trainer/coach. We have three married daughters and seven grandchildren. We read a lot and enjoy movies (mostly not mainstream) and a number of TV shows that force the viewer to stay awake and pay close attention!




Hobbies: 50s and 60s rock n roll, vintage and Hall of Fame baseball cards, mysteries, legal and political novels, most team sports


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
1974 Vanderbilt Final: Ron Andersen asked my partner Joey Silver to choose the card Ron would lead against Joey's 6NT, which led to a gorgeous three-card ending
Bridge Accomplishments
No WC wins but 2 Silver Medals and 3 bronzes
Regular Bridge Partners
Beverly Kraft, Joey Silver, Peter Nagy, George Mittelman
Favorite Tournaments
NEC, Yeh Brothers, Cap Gemini
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
ACBL Expels Fisher and Schwartz
Like Geoff Hampson I see no reason to limit forfeiture of titles to four years. Unless there is a reason that we do not see, what is magical about a four-year window of sharp practice? On the other hand, while these guys are collusive cheaters with one another, is it ...
Bidding the Odds - can we do better than Kokish Relay?
Are we having fun yet?
Bidding the Odds - can we do better than Kokish Relay?
It's nice to see so many thoughtful ideas. I like Dave Caprera's best so far. For what it's worth I would never name a treatment after myself. This one stems from an article entitled "Recapturing your Birthright" and I call it "Birthright" -- of course, it's gone ...
2015 Junior USBC Results
To the comment that "we need more young players" I can add that Canada feels that need especially dramatically. We also need to keep our best young players when the pro market is so lucrative in the USA. Although we have a significant boomer demographic in our bridge community perhaps ...
Ruling from the Junior Trials
I find it amazing that there have been 266 comments on this. West knew 1NT had SOME range. At any point he could have learned whether his suspicion that it was strong was accurate. If ACBL deems South's faulure to announce the range a sin of omission I think ...
"Why did they win?" Slawomir Zawislak on the Italian team in 2006
Without trying to identify how illegal information was being transmitted there were plenty of questionable deals in major events going back a significant number of years that would point an investigator to look more deeply at all of the impugned partnerships. When we are presented with a highly opinionated article ...
A Modest Proposal
I am overwhelmed! And almost speechless.
A Modest Proposal
An event like this one could convince me to think about becoming an active player again, which is saying a lot.
Sidney Lazard 1930 – 2015
I knew Sidney to say hi at the Nationals, but in 1998 in Lille we were both staying at the same small hotel and usually had breakfast together, which was the start of a long run of memorable discussions about many things other than bridge, although he was the NPC ...
Strange occurrence in Chennai
The circumstances seem almost surreal. A few extra minutes to finish a deal seems entirely reasonable but how could play continue so long after expiration of time and without supervision (not hovering and nagging) but to ensure that no improper information could reach those still playing. The facts need to ...
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