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Eric Schwartz
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March 15, 2012
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Jan. 19, 2019
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about me

Been playing for 45 years, with an 18-year gap.  Like Negative Free Bids.  Wonder how effective a negative double of 1H ?denying ?four spades is.  Like Kaplan Interchange. and strong jump shifts the way Edgar wrote them up forty years ago.  Wrote the "Read My Lips" article in The Bridge World.  Every word of it is true, except for the ground glass.  Also a classical pianist, but don't play much any more.  Do have an MFA in composition from the New England Conservatory.

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25 Blue Ribbon qualifications.
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Gold Life Master
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Robin Hillyard's bidding problem: A874 AQ64 T8 T83
Pass. Not enough shape nor high cards.
Suggestion for those posting bidding problems
I feel your pain.
Bidding a Strong Hand Across From a Negative Double
How about 1C-(1S)-Dbl? What does opener do with diamonds and extra values, but not enough to force to game? If a 2D rebid shows extras, what does opener do with diamonds and without extras? I believe Victor King, a top New England expert, said that since the double ...
Bridge World March 1979 issue
Will trade for July, August. October, or November of 1967.
Bridge World March 1979 issue
I believe I have one too.
Law is law (3 stories about illegal conventions)
I have played a 1C opening on two cards, because I like to prevent partner a from making a bad opening lead. If I have xxx in diamonds. and Hx in C, for example, I would open that 1C. I went throught an incredible hassle with the ACBL when an ...
Gupta Wins Mixed Swiss
Zach Grossack is currently the youngest player to win a national championship. He and his older brother Adam won the National Fast Pairs at, I think, this year's spring (or possibly summer) nationals.
how do you advance here
In New England, most good players use one of two methods. A second suit bid by responder after transferring is GF. Opener may now cue bid, showing support for one of responder's suit, in case their is a slam. 1. The standard way of cue-bidding is that a cue ...
"Expert Bridge" Next Year?
In the 1970's a group of expert players did exactly that. It eventually got banned by the ACBL.
Yo Eleven
I may have told this one before. At Steve Becker's bridge club in Forest Hills, NYC. there was a team game and I picked up 12 spades missing the Ace and the ace of Clubs. I bid poorly and the opponents found a seven-level sacrifice. When discussing this hand ...

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