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Eric Sieg
Eric Sieg
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Basic Information

Member Since
Nov. 2, 2015
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40 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I've enjoyed playing cards since I was a kid and Bridge is the ultimate card game. I played heavily in 2006-2009 while going to college and then disappeared for a while when the limited vacation days made it hard to go to tournaments. I have a bit more free time recently and have been getting back into it again, what a great game!


For day job stuff I build custom native mobile apps for Android and iOS and my main other consistent interest has been hiking. I'd like to get into backpacking although I haven't done it yet. Other interests over the years have been Magic the Gathering, Gardening, Go, Eve Online, and tabletop games like Terra Mystica.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Junior Bridge Camp in Slovakia, what a great time!
Bridge Accomplishments
28th out of 404 in 3 day LM Pairs in Vegas, Spingold Day 3, 11th in Wernher, various other top 25 finishes
Regular Bridge Partners
Kim Eng, Chris Gibson, Greg Herman, Ray Miller
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Mercercrest/Eastside Bridge Club in Seattle area
Favorite Tournaments
any winter NABC that is in a sunny locale, I love Seattle but the overcast skies in Winter can be a bit much!
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
General 2/1
Copy to my cards View/Print
Eric/Greg Cascade Precision MPs
Strong !c;14-16 NT; 2/1 GF except 1!d-2!c/2!d
Copy to my cards View/Print
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: JT86 J A53 AJT96
Forgot to include: partner can't raise diamonds directly at the 2 level. 2 is majors, 2 and 2 are transfers
Using Zoom to add the social back into BBO
I haven't had any major concerns about using Zoom, even with the recent media concerns. Large (100+) Zoom meetings which share their host id publicly are going to be vulnerable to people joining to porn bomb. I haven't really done any large meetings and for things like this ...
Online K.O. Tournaments by Tom Reynolds
Other comment: for the next double elim KO, it'd be nice (imo) if the loser bracket mixed things up a bit so people aren't playing people they just played. Right now it keeps the same bracket structure so there's a lot of very quick playbacks which seems ...
What's your play at trick 2?
No I was just teasing Chris, and giving him an opportunity to criticize my 2 opener with his hand :) (5x AQ9xx x 987xx)
What's your play at trick 2?
I blame partner for not making the clear 2 preempt :)
Using Zoom to add the social back into BBO
Would love to see something like that Cornelia. I looked into it briefly and I don't think it's possible right now. Issues: 1) Moving people around in breakout rooms via the Zoom API is not currently supported. 2) From what I can tell, bridgebase doesn't have an ...
Using Zoom to add the social back into BBO
discord is great for voice chat as mentioned in the article, but I personally far prefer video chat. Seeing the faces of the other humans is great, especially right now. I personally feel a lot more connected seeing the people I'm talking to, their facial expressions, the smiles, etc ...
Online K.O. Tournaments by Tom Reynolds
edit> Actually, moving this to an article
Online K.O. Tournaments by Tom Reynolds
I think these are really great events. Really hope to see something continue even after bridge is back since this is the first BBO thing (other than one off team matches) that has appealed at all to me. A few questions/comments: 1) Are people still generally playing 64 boards ...
Online K.O. Tournaments by Tom Reynolds
What we did for the match against Art's team is as follows: All 8 players joined a zoom conference shortly before the start of the game. We discussed seating rights, worked to get the game set up correctly, etc. In general fairly social. Once the game began, I created ...

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