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Erik Sjöstrand
Erik Sjöstrand
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Feb. 10, 2014
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about me

I've been playing bridge since 2011. Study bidding theory way too much and not enough declarer play. President of the local bridge club and tournament director. Run the bidding practice website


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing defense against 6!s where declarer were missing four keycards, including the A and K of trumps. The contract made.
Bridge Accomplishments
Played some Swedish national final events.
Regular Bridge Partners
Håkan Johansson
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Skövde Bridgeallians
Favorite Conventions
Constructive negative free bids, take-out doubles, GF bids instead of INV+, useful space principle.
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AJ65 T92 4 AKT54
We play transfers after 1-(1). 2 is a good three card raise, but unlimited. I guess I could transfer to clubs first, but we have no good way to support partner after that. 3 and 4 would be fit showing for us, but I ...
One Spade - Two Diamonds (Hearts)
Well in our case the maximum for 1 is 16 hcp, so I'd just accept the transfer and bid 2 with 51(34). If playing more wide-ranging openings you might need a general strong rebid. In Sweden it is pretty popular to play 2M openings as 10-13 ...
One Spade - Two Diamonds (Hearts)
Here you go (this is in a system where 1 is limited to 11-16 hcp, but I think it could work over standard openings too): 1-2 (8+ hcp with hearts, if less than INV then 6+); 2 = NF, may be void. 2 = NF. Short ...
SMP/Meck Lite auction question
Can't you have both? A relay starting with 1 and bids from 1NT+ showing distribution. Maybe something like this: 1-1; 1 = Relay, prefers to ask rather than show. 1NT = Some-what balanced. 2 = 5+ hearts. 2 = 5+ spades. 2M = 4M and 5+ minor. 2NT ...
SMP/Meck Lite auction question
In our 1NT structure it would be a shape ask. Opener bids 3m with a five card suit, 3 with 4-4 minors, 3 with 4333 and 3NT with 4333.
Raise Spades or Rebid Hearts
If playing standard methods I would rebid hearts. However I play the Zirconia convention (by Adam Meyerson) which solves this: 1-1; 1NT = 4+ or 2-5-3-3. 2 = Natural. 2 = Three spades (others deny three spades). 2 = Natural. 2 = Four spades. Over 2 responder ...
2nt better as a convention than a contract?
So when partner had forced to game they could stop in 2NT? Or something like 2-2; 2NT as NF?
Range for 3NT Response to 1m Opening
Christopher: We use something very similar to that 2 response over our 1 opening. Although we play 1 as a weak NT or a strong hand (similar to Polish club). We extend the range a bit though and play it as about 11-15, so it can be ...
Range for 3NT Response to 1m Opening
I play it as 13-15 with 4 card support in a 4333 hand. That may be too specific though.
(1!S) - X - (2!S) - X
If you don't want a natural 2NT in this auction I think 2NT as hearts + a minor makes some sense. Sure many say "just bid hearts", but the first double doesn't promise 4+ hearts. Maybe doubler is 2-3-4-4 for instance.

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