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Feb. 22, 2012
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Jan. 6, 2017
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Suggestion for those posting bidding problems
If BridgeWinners were capable of allowing viewers the option to "rotate to South", wouldn't it be better to allow the original posters to "rotate to South".
Tablets to replace bidding boxes and trays at the Bermuda Bowl
This suggestion is only for the final rounds of a bridge world championship. No way can bridge afford enough the tablets necessary for regular events.
Tablets to replace bidding boxes and trays at the Bermuda Bowl
Doubt that it is possible to prevent all cheating. Can make it more difficult. 4+1 tablets per table. Only the director's tablet will see the action in real time. During the bidding there will be a virtual screen for each of the four players. LHO and partner will ...
To: Non-professional players only who attended the Orlando NABC
Are you planning to start an Airbnb for bridge players?
Tablets to replace bidding boxes and trays at the Bermuda Bowl
For the final two rounds have 5 tablets per table. One for the director which can both monitor the play and transmit the play over the internet with a 5 to 15 minute delay. Have all four players in different rooms. Reduce UI and allow the tablet to determine if ...
takeout or penalty
Only two choices? Action. Expect partner to usually bid. Therefore more takeout than penalty. The rule for low(under 2S) level doubles is if you don't know what to bid, pass is not an option.
Implementing a Better System to Prevent Cheating
Place the 4 players facing the wall on the four sides of the room. Director in the middle with the home computer. Have a virtual screen. Each player sees LHO and partner's bid after partner makes his call.
Implementing a Better System to Prevent Cheating
A nice baby step would be to computerize the finals. Force pairs to fill out a more comprehensive convention card. The director should act as a ref. No director calls for minor infractions. That's the ref's call.
Statistical Analysis - Help Requested
Think other projects would be of more interest. Any player performance rating would be controversial and may offend many top players. Suggested project. Does a 4-4 fit play better or worst than a 5-3 fit?
Do you commit to game or not?
There is a huge bias in DD simulations. Results favor declarer in suit contracts. Results favor defense in NT contracts. All conclusions are suspect. In your 3-2 suit DD defenders will always find the lead when it is successful. In the real world will opening leader find this lead from ...

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