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Sept. 25, 2011
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Lost in Translation?
I'd suggest this whole post be removed, because it is offensive and has no discussion whatsoever about bridge. It is just a showoff of their self righteous moral superiority and lecture about their so-called 'values'. BTW, does anyone really give a rata$$ what anyone else would do with the ...
Art of defence
I am not sure I follow this. seems returning a cannot beat 3? also after the first trick, partner rated to have AQ, what is the point for the south to duck A and let you shoot back a ? looks to me, the way is ...
play low from dummy and win the king, after 4 round of , if anyone hold 4 and 4 , there is no room for another in her hand, Ace or not. So at least in theory, this line can make with either defender holding 4-4 in the ...
Opening and Rebid with a 15-17 NT
No reason let them bid
How should Multi be allowed (if at all) under the Open+ chart?
guess you have to wait them die out.
Get to slam or grand slam with precision methods
No problem if you have a way to ask KC in .
Ruling in Montreal
What, if anything, keep you from giving the complete hands and bidding?
Zero-max imps (new scoring method)
sorry, did not read on when i saw "double dummy"
Poker and Computers/AI
AI win because money hardly have any real meaning to them. A human pro still needs worry about putting bread on the table. No matter how "smart" they are, AI should never be trusted because they have no moral principles.
To Record or Not To Record, That is the Question
This is an example of judicial overreach.

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