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Ewan McNay
Ewan McNay
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March 16, 2011
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about me

Used to be decent a long time ago, when I had (i) time and (ii) regular partners :). Couple of years on the England junior squad and sporadic spurts in grad school, but nothing serious for >10 years now. Just got tenure; hoping that this will give me time to take this game seriously again. Currently based in Albany, NY.  Would love to find partner(s) and opponents.


When not gaming, I'm a behavioural neuroscientist, working on mechanisms of memory and the impact of diet, exercise, diabetes, and Alzheimer's.  Bridge players make an interesting subject group.

United Kingdom

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Favorite Bridge Memory
First England team trophy - Peggy Bayer
Bridge Accomplishments
Counting to 13 on occasion
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Nutrition/fitness levels of top bridge pros
This is (very close to) my research field: brain metabolism and cognition, and the impact of e.g. diet, obesity, and exercise. (Sadly, if you Google me the majority of links will be to this stuff rather than to any bridge expertise!). Happy to answer more in-depth Qs by email ...
Winners at the 2018 WYTC
In recent OS versions, holding down any relevant letter does not cause long repeats but rather a menu of optional variants such as àáâäæãåā.
PhD Funding for the Sociology of Bridge
I could get a second PhD, right? And I bet we could get funding to apply neuro methods here - fMRI at the bridge table, anyone? :)
Bermuda Bowl F3: FRANCE vs USA 2
The hand where Martel played in 4 after Fleisher's balanced-13 double: Chip bid only 3 (as a passed hand), not 4; he was raised to 4 without further opposition bidding.
Poll for those who watch vugraph
Steve and David do a good job of describing my thoughts: slightly (but not significantly) irritated by simple details of other results; positively desirous of commentary on why differences occurred.
In the Well: Brian Platnick
I echo the enjoyment of playing Marsha and David - I just didn't realise that they were your family :). David & I have crossed paths many, many times at boardgaming tournaments, and I think he may be more serious there than at the bridge table...
In the Well: Brian Platnick
Thanks for doing this. When you returned to serious play, what was most effective in rapidly returning to a high level of play? What did *not* work? How do you choose to focus the limited time that you currently have to improve/develop/maintain your level?
Finalists in World Bridge Games
Or use the direct vugraph link, which allows multiple tabs likewise:
Mobile Bridge Problems App Design
80 days; Carcassonne; Skyview; The Room. All take advantage of mobile device capabilities and are clearly designed for the platform. I think that the BBO app is actually a poor example - it pales beside the web version, and I echo the comment on ads taking large amounts of real estate.
(if I were) Shopping for a Pro looks as though it is aiming to do this within the UK; I expect that a similar US-based service would be valuable to many.
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