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A new type of regionals
This wouldn’t effect you because all your regionals are large. Lol
A new type of regionals
I think I might’ve come on too strong because a lot of regionals are enjoyable. My main point is just that the amount of regionals needs to be decreased for the wellness of the game, the amount of regionals now isn’t sustainable.
A new type of regionals
How are tournaments are run needs to be improved. But having so many regionals decreases the attendance of each individual tourney. For example, there really aren’t enough bridge players to have 3-5 well attended regionals in one week.
A new type of regionals
Sectionals typically use a cheaper playing site, like churches bridge clubs etc. and is typically run more locally which tends to be cheaper.
Missed (Grand) Slam
I mean the hands happen to fit quite well so grand is cold, but imo the west hand doesn't really have enough to quantitate to grand, and east has 24 but Qx so not enough to uprade to 25-27 or so
Missed (Grand) Slam
The reason I think it is unlikely is because the normal auction would go 2c- 2h- 2nt -4nt- 6nt. Or rather 2c 2h 2nt 6nt
Missed (Grand) Slam
Grand is possible but unlikely, w 100 pct E 0 pct, this is because East has no other reasonable actions and West should easily bid 4nt after transferring
A new type of regionals
I don’t believe in ending local bridge! My point is that a small local regional isn’t really TOO much different than a sectional(besides the length). That is still competitive bridge but it is not losing as much money, and people that do want to play in a ...
A new type of regionals
My idea wasn’t really 12 a year, I was thinking two a month and 1 regional during the months with a national.
A new type of regionals
God, I hope this is a joke

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